For many, the impression of video intercom kit is still stuck in the high-end implantable system, non-removable with the door lock, and in an intricate design. But the fact is that video intercom kits are becoming more and more common in everyday life, and it’s getting easier to use. Today we are talking about how it can make your life easier.

Easy install

A video intercom kit can be installed much easier now. You may do it by yourself as long as you find a wall-mounted video intercom kit. Without hiring professional construction personnel or throw your house into a dusty construction site, you can build your own smart door entry system.

Nothing could be more convenient than a nonpolar video intercom kit! To give you an idea, GVS 2 Wire Video Intercom System can be installed without vexatiously adjusting the voltage. It can be fitted with the standard circuit as easy as you charge a phone. It is also convenient to maintain.

Video Intercom System

Intelligent UI design

Most video intercom kit has sensitive user interaction system or even an LCD touch screen. With simple UI design, you can check your door state or the outside situation by clicking the icon on it. Some of the video intercom kits also support personalized setting so as to fit your living habits.

Intelligent UI design

Security via Vision

2 wire video intercom can provide a sense of safety and dependability with a demonstration that residents are allowed to monitor the situation outside in real-time. The clear vision, in turn, can help the user make a better judgment than just listening when there comes a stranger.


In some festivals or home parties where there are visitors coming and going constantly, the entrance to the home may be left open, which creates a security risk. Through monitoring system of the video intercom, the door status can always be under detection. As your second doorbell, it can also provide a clear view of the outside situation and save your concern to check every time on the door when someone arrives.  

Looking for a video intercom kit with this advanced function? Here we highly recommendGVS 2 Wire Video Intercom System. This powerful video intercom featuresdoor status detection, bringing users a reliable and stable technology experience. If anything goes wrong, the resident will be the first to know. With its large visual angle everything outside will be clear. It also supports screen-shot and TF card so that you can leave a proofin case anything wrong happened.

For the elderly and the disable

One thing that we often ignore is that the disable and elderly need individual privacy as they need assistance. Although having nursing assistance will be the safest, most of them also long for a proper place of their own. Some families will choose to give trust, along with the house keys, to the nursing assistant. However, thinking from the view of vulnerable one, you will feel unstable to stake your safety on the others. A useful video intercom kit makes it possible for the user to monitor the entry of their house easily instead of feeling monitored. With sensitive man-machine interaction, it won’t make the user feel special or being treated differently. The users can take control of their house on their own and welcome visitors or assistance as they like. In this way, you don’t need to worry about preparing keys for the nursing assistants as well, because the resident can open the door for them when they need help.

video intercom kit

A video intercom kit is an ideal solution if the resident has mobility problems and cannot answer the door. It provides a range of useful security devices for any home or building, especially those with vulnerable occupiers. If you are ready to try, there are multiple types available, and usually the most useful one looks the simplest. In particular, GVS 2 Wire Video Intercom System is convenient to install and ready-to-use, which may allow the users to install it alone. This can be the simplest step towards smarter life!


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