Do you run a business? Have you promoted it on Instagram?

If not, you have been delaying the growth of your brand for a long time now. With more than 800 million monthly users, Instagram is one of the best platforms to market your brand. Plus, the presence of social media influencers on Instagram often helps the brands to reach a larger audience.

However, to be able to generate sales through Instagram, you should first know the right marketing hacks. So, here we are, with the most effective Instagram marketing tips for your brand:

Create a business profile

Posting the pictures of your brand or products on your personal page doesn’t fuel growth. Your followers might like your pictures, but it won’t be doing any good to the business. To use Instagram as leverage for your brand, use Instagram Business Account.

Instagram’s business account extends amazing features that aid the growth of your brand in many ways. Firstly, it allows your followers to contact you with a simple tap on their screen. Plus, you can create and post Instagram ads without using any advertising tool.

Further, the platform’s analytics tool allows you to access the popularity of your brand among the audience by providing you the stats for your past posts/stories.

If you are on Instagram for business, do it the right way by creating an Instagram business profile.

Use Instagram tools to understand your audience

The business account on Instagram unlocks many amazing features for you. With Instagram Insights (stats), you can gauge your impression on your audience, how engaging your posts are, and much more. Moreover, you can access the demographics of all your Instagram followers, including their location, gender, age, etc. You can use all this information to spot and fix the loopholes.

Once you know how the audience is responding to your posts, you can create your marketing strategies based on that. Also, knowing the demographics help you create targeted strategies. For instance, if most of your audience is from Frederick, MD,look for a company for SEO in Frederick MD or hire a local digital marketer for refined digital marketing in Frederick MDto further enhance your growth in that particular location.

Team up with influencers

The audience showers great love on Instagram influencers. You can use the popularity of these influencers to your advantage. Team up with influencers to promote your brand. With them, you get the opportunity to market your product to a wider audience.

As influencers have a large following, putting your product in their feeds grabs the attention of the right audience. And, as the audience trusts the influencers, they are likely to show inclination towards your brand too.

Teaming up with the right influencer is the fastest and the most potent way to promote your brand. So, find an influencer that has followers that are relevant to your brand and join forces with them. For this too, you can use demographics to select a suitable influencer. You might want to check out this list of top Instagram influencers with analyzed profiles to help you get started.

Post teasers of your products or services

If you wish to sell a product or service on Instagram, product teasers will take you a long way. It is possible to sell your product via product teasers.

Teasers help in creating excitement around your product without making you look too pushy. With a teaser, you reveal the right information in the right amount.

All you need to do is post the product image flaunting heavy discounts or some offer. Just tease your audience with a teaser and entice them to your app, where they can buy these products at discounted rates.

Use the power of hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of the hashtag. With interesting hashtags, you can create a stir amongst your audience and compel them to try your products or services.

Create interactive hashtags and let your customer take over. Watch them use the hashtag to promote your brand. The tags used in user-generated content will enhance your popularity and reach.

Think of a catchy hashtag. If your brand has a tagline, consider using it as a hashtag.

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The bottom line

Now that you know the right Instagram marketing strategies, create a business account and win a fan base on Instagram.