With the embarkment of technology and the electronic media in our lives, the way of living and advertising has changed. Nowadays everything is technology-based, and man work has decreased a lot. Once the calculations in millions and trillions were either impossible or were done in a day with full effort but now with the usage of gadgets calculation is done within seconds. The delivering speed of a man is much slower than that of the operating and displaying speed of a device. Nowadays more and more gadgets are being developed due to the increased needs of humans. In this technology-based era, the way of communicating and displaying has changed. The man has developed internet which allows a person to roam through the various field in a short passage of time

There are many ways in which modernization is helping us with the daily tasks. These ways may include socializing and calculations, but still, there is a vast region in which technology and electronic media are helping us. One of the most significant achievements is the internet. From the formation till now the usage and the importance of internet has never declined and has always been on top. One of the significant use of the internet is for viewing websites. Websites display some information relating to any topic on a page. These websites are if authentic or perfectly composed can be seen by many which can provide capital. Hostiserver.com is a rising star among websites. For bloggers, a website is everything there are five useful tips to make a site responsible.

1- Fresh content

Every user of the internet supports a website with fresh content. There are many websites which tend to copy and write the stuff posted by someone else. If you can be unique, then your followers and viewers can increase rapidly. You must post fresh content without any copying as it will provide you with a head start towards success.

2- High-Quality images

To improve your website attraction among users is very important. A person can attract people by posting videos of better resolution and pictures with good. At the start gifs and other resolutions can be avoided and JPEG is the best to use for images.

3- Response

A website always has room to ask for queries or to comment on a particular topic. People often message or say upon a site. Some good websites have their policy to reply within seconds. If you can try to increase the speed of your response, then it can be vital for the development of your website.

4- Boost

There is always an option to boost your page or your website. This boost usually requires some money to pay. If your post is attention seeking one this boost can be a lot helpful as it lets your message spread a lot.

5- Easy explanation

The idea of high sensed vocabulary and harsh words can improve your website a lot is wrong. The site is a guide for users, not a language test. You should try to make it as easy for users as possible so that they can understand your message.

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