5 Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Restaurant

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your establishment to increase profits. If you want to get more customers in the door, or if you want repeat business, this guide should help you run a successful restaurant. Here are some of the best strategies you can do to run your business.

Upgrade Your Restaurant

Offer Combo Meals

Combo meals are more attractive to consumers. Back in 2011, consumers purchased 8 billion combo meals. Consumers love combo meals because they’re easier to order and are more affordable. You should offer combo meals that allow your consumers to choose which side items and drinks they want.

While combo meals have declined, 20% of lunch and dinner orders still include a combo meal. Even with the decline of combo meals, there’s still a lot of consumers who prefer these meals. That means there’s still an opportunity to give them what they want.

Offer Smaller Meals

Since smaller portions have been introduced, sales have increased in the restaurant industry. You should include a wide variety of smaller meals along with larger meals. Give your consumers options to choose from such as snacks and desserts. Since most American consumers are eating out during regular hours, they’re ordering mini meals.

According to a 2012 report by Technomic, 48% of consumers ate twice a day. This was a 25% increase from 2010. Most of those restaurants that tried out this new trend found that their snack offerings increased from 17% in 2010 to 22%.

Consider Happy Hour

The latest recession changed people’s spending habits as well as their eating habits. More of them are opting for healthier options, smaller meals, and steep discounts. This has also led to the increase of non-traditional eating hours and off-peak dining options. Restaurants have been offering happy hour to get patrons in the door.

It’s not just the drinks that are getting your consumers in the door. When consumers were asked by Dinner and Late Night Consumer Trend Report, 61% of them revealed that the type of food they ate that determined where they went. Meanwhile, 55% of them said they consider the food options and specials offered during happy hour. If you’re going to offer a happy hour, include discounted appetizers and other food options in addition to drinks.

Use POS Systems

A POS system is a kiosk or tablet, POS for quick service restaurants with pre-installed software that caters to the restaurant’s needs. It includes special features such as discounts, menu options, promotions, and self-checkout. Some POS systems even come equipped with games and music.

Today’s point of sale system is often found at chain restaurants and fast food establishments. If you’re interested in this technology, then choosing the right POS system should be at the top of your to-do list. Don’t expect your POS system to replace your waitstaff. Your waitstaff should work in conjunction with your POS systems, amplifying the service.

This can lead to a happier workplace. It’s important to prove workplace morale with these strategies, no matter how small they may seem. Higher morale not only produces happier and more productive employees, but it leads to a happier company in the long term. These results result in little loss for your business and yield great results within the workplace.

Start a Rewards System

A great way to keep repeat service is with a rewards system. Loyalty programs or rewards systems don’t have to be costly or difficult to start. The increase in mobile technology has provided more options for restaurateurs to increase sales and keep customers. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned loyalty and reward programs like membership cards, punch cards, and paper receipts.

These are just some of the ways that you can upgrade your restaurant. If you’re not sure what to do, choosing a POS system should be your first order of business. It’s a great way to increase profits and get repeat business. Then you can implement these other strategies as your business improves.


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