Elon Musk changed his name on Twitter

Elon Musk changed his name on Twitter

American billionaire and Twitter mogul Elon Musk recently declared that he would be rechristening his personal and company accounts on the platform as “Mr. Tweet”.

It appears that Twitter has blocked me from altering my name, which I recently changed to Mr. Tweet,” Musk announced on the social media platform.

During the legal questioning this week, attorneys representing investors who have sued Tesla CEO Elon Musk mistakenly referred to him as “Mr. Tweet.” Journalist Patrick McGee commented on this curious development with a tweet of his own.

“I’m sorry there is no recording,” he said, and then Elon Musk interjected with a smirk – “Mr. Tweet!” causing everyone in the courtroom to burst into laughter. After settling down, Musk continued: “This is actually very accurate of me.” Indeed it was; as frequent users of Twitter know well, Elon often tweets out various topics throughout the day.

Over the preceding weeks, Musk has unveiled “Twitter profiles” which uncover what transpired during the lead-up to him becoming CEO of the company.

Last December, Musk made waves when he advertised a series of tweets revealing confidential files from his company as the “Twitter Files”..

In November 2020, leaked internal emails between Twitter staff revealed the pandemonium that led to the platform blocking a NY Post article about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. It is essential to comprehend how they handled this case and if their decision holds validity or not. The discussion should center around whether it was an apt move by Twitter or not given the circumstances of controversy surrounding them at that time.