As a business owner, you understand that the 21st century is considered as the digital era. When you don’t do anything with the use of technology, you know that your business will never thrive. Everyone is using technology and different devices which is why you should always look for ways on how you can reach out to your potential customers through these mediums. This is also the reason why you’ve decided to do email marketing for your business. Since everyone is using the internet, you think this is an efficient way to communicate to people and tell them about your offerings.

You might think that e-mail marketing is merely about sending emails to random email addresses while telling them about what you’re selling, but you’re wrong. For your e-mail marketing attempts to generate positive results, you should think about open rates first.

Open RatesWhat Are Open Rates?

In its simplest terms, open rates are the percentage of subscribers who open the emails you’ve sent out. For example, if you sent out 50 e-mails but only five of them were opened, your open rate is 10%. As a business owner, you should aim for higher open rates – the higher open rates, the better is it for your business.

How Can You Get Better Open Rates?

As mentioned earlier in this article, it’s never enough for you to randomly send out emails to everyone in your contact list. In the business context, it’s never about trying out your luck – it’s about making sure that your efforts are actually going somewhere. You’re putting in time and money for your efforts and of course, you don’t want these to be wasted. For your emails to have better open rates, you may consider the tips below:

  1. Use straightforward subject lines: When you’re a business owner, everyone is expecting that you should be creative in everything that you do. This is one way for you to gain and keep loyal customers. However, when writing the subject lines of your emails, your creativity should lie low. Your subject line should be straightforward while showing your recipients what your email is all about. No one has the time to figure out what your email is all about so make sure you don’t run around the bush with your email’s subject line.
  2. Personalize the email: You’re a business owner but for sure, you’re also a customer. As a customer, you would always love it when a business treats you in a special way. You should keep this notion in mind whenever you’re composing your emails. You should make sure that the email you’re sending out is personalized for every customer. You can indicate the customer’s first name in the subject line, header and even the body of your emails. This little change can mean so much to the customers.
  3. Don’t send them an email more than once a week: Regardless of how useful your offerings are, if you’re sending customers emails every other day, they will never do any business with you. You don’t want to create the impression of being too pushy, right? This can lead customers to block your email address from their inboxes. The safest frequency for sending e-mails is once a week. This will give your potential customers ample time to get acquainted with your offerings.
  1. The e-mails should be mobile-friendly: With the advent of technology, you should keep in mind that customers are not only accessing their emails through their desktop computers and laptops. Nowadays, they’re doing the same through their smartphones and tablets. This is why all of your emails should be mobile-friendly. You don’t want your customers to remember your email as something that’s “broken” whenever they try to open it.
  2. Write quality content: In the online world, content is always king – and email marketing is no exemption. The moment you earn the e-mail addresses of potential customers, only provide them with high-quality content. Don’t just send them content just for the sake of sending it. As a business owner, you should fill their inboxes with information which can be useful to them. This content should be edited, updated and supported with links whenever needed.
  3. Include numbered lists: Aside from writing quality content, you should also consider the format you’re using. For example, if you’re planning to send content which is lengthy, you should use a numbered list. In this way, your customers will have a break from texts while being able to skim all of the content easily. No one has the time and the will to actually read through long content.
  4. Send emails at the right time: Timing is everything when it comes to marketing. You should only send your emails at the right time to the right audience. For you to determine when the best time is, you can test this out or consider other studies so you can benchmark. For example, in a study conducted by Experian, it concluded that messages sent on Saturdays and Sundays earned higher open rates compared to the ones sent during Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Call Out For Help

Business success doesn’t come overnight. You have to do a lot of things to earn customers and increase your profit at the same time. And doing that might seem complicated, but in reality, it isn’t – knowing the tricks of the trade of email marketing is one way of achieving those goals. You can pour in time and effort to follow everything from this article. These can serve as your pointers about e-mail marketing. Additionally, you can also tap the help of professionals like Studio 56 to help you out.

Tristan is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of Studio 56. With years of experience in the digital marketing field and business world, Tristan prides himself on delivering high quality marketing services to clients in the Allied Health sector. S56 specialises in partnering with Allied Health practices to boost their overall ROI. He has a loving family and enjoys traveling in his free time.