Several web design changes are making it to the frontline; however, only a few handful numbers of them are really making a difference. Some changes are temporary and short-lived, while others have a dramatic impact on businesses. In the hustle and bustle of these changes, traditional web developers may often find themselves surrounded by a tragic dilemma of going out of fashion.

Hence, today I am going to discuss some of the upcoming design trends in the web world. These changes will certainly create a revolution in the coming days for the website world.

So without further Ado, let’s check out a few of these developing web trends.

Advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the Website World

The introduction of AI in the world of web design has made web development an efficient and cost-effective solution for everyone. AI is making user-interaction as seamless as possible. It is offering businesses the liberty to get serviced more accurately on the customer end. Whereas, it is minimizing other labor-intensive tasks making web development a much-organized process for the techies.

We have seen many retail websites making the best use of Machine Learning and Chatbots in order to deliver maximum user-experience to customers. Take, for example, different SaaS-based and E-commerce website that we interact with every day. You will easily find support and shopping assistants who will guide you through the jargons and suggest you the best product or service meeting all your needs.

A website design agency in London believes that voice search is going to transform into a big thing in the year 2019. They claim that they are working on a similar implementation on a product for task management. The agenda is to make professional life a whole lot easier and connected for the users.

IoT Integration Will Make to Business Doorsteps

With each passing year, the IoT technology is not only maturing but also becoming more smarter and more adaptive. Many technology projects are introducing the element of connectivity which allows the device to get connected with a multitude of different devices. The best example is our smartphones.

In just a couple of years, it is estimated that more than a billion devices will interconnect with each other. Such a thing will do wonders for businesses in amazing ways, ways in which technology will forever change the entire process for businesses including how people interact with websites and apps.

It will have a potential capability to even change the entire web design & development process.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Customers interacting with various brands are eager to make websites more mobile friendly because every other individual nowadays interact with the Internet using smart devices. Also, one of the benefits of having accelerated mobile pages for your brand is that it will incredibly decrease the page loading time of your web pages. Soon you will see that the AMP will become one of the biggest trends in the web world.

This will happen not only because Google is supporting them, but also because they provide a very smooth experience to users. People say that their experience of the smart device became a whole lot better.  

Motion Design Will Conquer Newgrounds

We have seen the engagement ratio of the audience decrease day after day and it has compelled businesses to take some new and innovative measures. Hence, brands are encouraged to introduce some new methods to win the audience over so they can spend some extra minutes on your website. As a result, developers want to add new ways with the perfect capability to attract potential visitors.

Many web developers have invested their time and energy to integrate motion design so it can attract more effective users to the platform. Motion design is a wide range topic which covers a number of things such as video illustrations, 3D image viewing, and 2D/3D animations. With such small videos, developers have become successful in adding better animations to their website which enable businesses to acquire Newgrounds.

Introduction to Virtual Reality in WordPress Websites

We have entered into a day and age where virtual reality and augmented reality have taken over the Internet on a massive scale. Researches have approved that their implementations aren’t only biased to the world of gaming, but their application is quite more impressive out there in the professional world. In the world of web development, VR will change the way people interact and communicate with websites.

A guy running an e-commerce store will enable its audience to observe and interact with the product in a virtual environment. And that will create a whole new experience for the customers. Recently, WordPress has introduced a full-support for VR content on their websites. More than half the website on the Internet are powered by WordPress, so just imagine how many businesses can make interactive use of it.

More Automated Coding in the Future

Planning to build the perfect web development strategy for your website? With artificial intelligence, you won’t have to explore further anymore. Believe it or not, automated coding is one particular way how most future web designers will make the most out of their website designs. As the hype of AI has dramatically increased manifolds over the recent years, it has given birth to many DIY website builders which requires a minimum input.

While it can have significant benefits for the web designers, this particular implementation of the AI will pose a considerable threat for future developers. But, we can’t be like 100% sure… What do you think? Will artificial intelligence and the applications of automated coding replace the human element?

Bot revolution has already taken up its place in the SaaS market of the web design world. With Artificial Intelligence becoming the new norm, website experiences are getting more and more personalized. It’s only a matter of time that we will start seeing the website’s becoming more of a smart assistant for us just like various different mobile apps, we interact with on a daily basis. If you want to conquer some new grounds and stay above the competition, the above discussed are a few trends to help you get through.