Emojis You Definitely Need To Use When Texting Your Crush


In this modern age of dating, the social network has made its impact. From singles slipping on Facebook and Instagram through each other’s DMs to transmitting signals of love via SMS messages, the chatting patterns of teenagers are constantly growing with the usage of emojis.

You have the number of your fling; you two are texting, and all of that. But instead, what’s next? Emojis are a nice perk to add to your messages in order to make them entertaining and to express your pleasure in having something happen.

Friendly messaging or for flirting to your crush, we’ll share with you the Emojis you can use to spice up the romance in your conversations.

Heart eyes Emoji

Probably the most used Emoji when you want to express your affection towards your crush, the heart eyes emoji is the number one on our list. However, this Emoji isn’t just about using it to express love; it can also be used for a hot dress, an adorable dog, or a flavorful-looking meal to express the same sentiments.

You can use the heart eyes emoji if they have a nice profile photo or tweeting something very interesting. Don’t overuse the emoji though. If you don’t want to look gross, using it wisely and sparingly.

Kissy Missy Emoji

You’re allowed to look for chances to break the ice with your crush. Indications of love certainly are in the breeze when giving or receiving this Emoji. Once these emojis are sent, the greater the number of affections the individual gets at the receiving end.

Winking face Emoji

If you feel quite audacious when you text, this is the ideal Emoji. When you get down to business with your crush, this is a brilliant one to use. You can’t go wrong if you flirt using this Emoji.

Devilish Grin Emoji

When you’re someone who likes to turn out to be somewhat of a bad boy and sweet, choose the devilish smile emoji. Just don’t use it if you’re unsure of your crush’s tastes. You won’t want to look aggressive.

Waving hand Emoji

This may sound weird, but to your surprise, it’s a quirky emoji to use, particularly for boys. It gives a spark to the other person’s eyes, maybe even a small chuckle. It’s beautiful and innocent. When it is used in the correct way, it really takes a person to their good side.

Two hearts Emoji 

A slight variant of the standard red heart emoji, this attracts the receiver’s gaze and brings them positive feelings towards you. It’s the emoji equivalent of saying, “I’m worried about you” or “I worry for you.” It’s another sweet emoji.

Love Overload Emoji

This is the perfect Emoji that helps you to convey the feeling of being kissed. It’s a sure-shot guarantee to win a girlfriend. Make sure you use it at the right time, though, in a flirty chat, when they’re doing something very nice to you.

Smiley Face Emoji

 There are some things that are better expressed simply. Occasionally a smile may be used in a flirtatious way, but it’s typically just polite. This Emoji is a short, cheerful one that can be used in any way.

Tongue Out Emoji

Once you get to know somebody, it’s a perfect introduction to give them humorous stuff. After all, everybody loves someone with a sense of humor. You may use the emoji language to respond to funny, sarcastic quips.

See no evil Emoji

This lovely little monkey is exactly that: cute. This should be done when you mention something funny that might make you or the receiver smile. Adds a little touch of “awwwwe” to a chat, which is also a perfect complement to a flirty discussion.

Cloud Nine Emoji

When you already have a crush on somebody, you practically sound like you’re sailing in the sky. You’ve got butterflies in your tummy, so you’d picture a hundred violins playing around you. So don’t delay, send that cute Emoji asap.


Emojis are the masters of the realm of messaging. Whether or not you learn how to email your crush right now. But if they don’t matter for you, it’s best to take a step back to stop messaging them to see if you want anyone else out of the millions around nowadays. Yeah, enjoy texting!


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