As you will quickly discover, driving in the outback, the desert, or off the beaten track is a far different experience than on sealed roads. There’s no traffic management, no pothole repairs, and often no help nearby if you haven’t prepared your vehicle correctly and end up stranded.

So, if you’re planning an outdoor adventure in a stock-standard vehicle, you might want to think again. These five aftermarket accessories should be the bare minimum for hitting the trails.

Driving Lights

While everyday driving headlights are adequate for traveling at night, they are less suitable for the trails. As you’re often far from civilization, there’s you, your vehicle, and pitch darkness. It becomes necessary at that point to invest in LED light bars. LED driving lights can illuminate the road far better than stock lighting, while also boasting a longer lifespan. Most LED bulbs will last between 25,000 and 100,000 hours. Conventional bulbs, however, will offer around 15,000 hours of illumination.


If you plan on doing any river crossings, or at least expect there might be some, you may find a snorkel is an excellent piece of off-roading equipment. Snorkels make it possible to submerge a diesel-powered vehicle in water without destroying the engine. When it’s sealed tight, it lifts the air intake away from the engine bay for a cleaner air supply.

Lift Kits

When you’re traveling on trails and paths that few people traverse, you’re bound to come across rough terrain. In situations like that, you can put your vehicle under a lot of stress. Nerves may fray in the driver, as well. If you want to negotiate rough terrain without feeling on edge, you may find a 4WD lift kit can help. A lift kit consists of parts to lift the ride height of your vehicle and offer more ground clearance. You can then traverse far tougher terrain than a standard 4WD.


Many people take bullbars for granted or don’t see the value in them until something goes wrong. If you’re going to travel anywhere where you need to share the area with animals, then they’re a must-have aftermarket accessory.

Bullbars provide frontal protection for your vehicle against shrubs, obstacles, and animal strikes. You never know what you’re going to come across in the great outdoors. What’s more, if you find yourself driving in Australia, the exploding kangaroo population can see them become quite a valuable accessory. Bullbars protect your vehicle while also offering a connection point for LED driving lights, winches, and other accessories.

Long-Range Fuel Tank(s)

Whether you’re driving in familiar or new territory, it can be hard to judge how much fuel you require. You may know your consumption on the road, but how does it compare to challenging terrain? Many people choose to carry fuel cans, but a safer option is purchasing a long-range fuel tank or a dual model.

An additional tank or a larger one can offer around 600 extra miles, which may be necessary to get you to your next fuel stop. It can also be the difference between having to take it easy on the sandy trails or pushing your vehicle that little bit harder.Off-roading can be a fun adventure, but it can also turn to disaster if you don’t prepare your vehicle with the right accessories. Consider purchasing LED lights, bullbars, a lift kit, snorkel, and a larger fuel tank before you head out on your next adventure.


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