You would be surprised by the dust and debris that can accumulate on your car in just a day’s time. You can wash it off quickly with a water pipe or using a wet cloth but what about the dust particles you cannot see on the exterior or the interior.

Every day as you drive your car through those muddy streets and over those patches of dirt, more and more of the dirt gets accumulated to your car, and it gets harder and harder to remove it. Ceramic Coating Brisbane automobile detailing and ceramic coating paint protection services, you can restore that brand-new, fresh car feeling or safeguard your prized possession.

Every once in a while, thorough cleaning of the car is a must so you can restore it to its original shine and glamour. But the problem most of us face is that we don’t know how to reach those small hidden areas and how to clean them up.

So here we had made a list of 9 items in total that will help you in cleaning your car and maintaining its looks from back when you purchased it new. Queen Creek Mobile Detailing car’s condition or budget will determine the type of auto detailing package you require.

1. Towels and sponges

We will start with the most basic items that are towels and sponges. Even though the most basic, they are still two of the essential things you need on your list while cleaning your car up.

Sponges can be of great help in forming that lather on your car’s surface. One problem faced by people is that some sponges leave scratches and swirl marks.

Therefore, on those sensitive spots, you can use towels made of cotton or fiber. They can both be used for washing as well as drying your car up. 

2. Brushes

Rid of that little patch of stubborn dirt can be a serious task. Even with good cleaning dissolver solutions used, you might still need to do it the conventional way, and for that, you will need a brush.

The brush bristles can easily make their way into the smallest of spaces in your tires etc. leaving them as clean as new.

You can get different brushes varying in shapes and sizes from the market depending upon what you need and want to achieve. 

3. Wax and sealants

Once you are done with all the drying, you need to get down to making your car shine, and a car wax is what you need to achieve that.

Not only do they make your car shine but also provide it with protection from UV rays, bird poop, and dust by forming a thick layer on your car’s surface, making it easy to clean almost anything with a single swipe. 

4. Buffing pads

You have the polish and the elbow grease, but you are not really sure about how to apply it. That’s where buffing pads come in handy. They are soft pads, not too big in size made up of microfiber.

They can be used to apply polish and wax to the car’s surface and what’s important is that you can do it vigorously without having to worry about causing any damage as they are really soft and are harmless.

One more additional advantage of having buffing pads is that you can apply the polish and the wax evenly and consistently throughout the car’s surface.

5. LED auto detailing light

Those little areas around the engine and the radiator can be very troublesome while you are cleaning your car.

These special LED lights made for auto detailing can help you see in between those little spots while cleaning and make your job a thousand folds easier.

6. Water hoses

The task can be performed with a bucket, but all that hassle of filling and carrying it all the way to the car can be avoided if you get one of these.

Moreover, the pressurized water stream is itself powerful enough to wash off almost all the dirt without you scrubbing it off with a sponge or a towel.

7. Vacuum cleaner

Can clean your car with or without it but the difference clearly shows. It’s hard to reach all the little spaces simply with a brush and cloth.

A vacuum cleaner can come in handy, especially at times like these and reach almost every nick and cranny of your car, leaving it spotless.

9. Air blower

You are done thoroughly cleaning your car, you are going to need an air blower for two purposes 1) to dry your car and 2) to clean those areas of your car that you cannot clean with the water hose.

The vacuum cleaner and the air blower can both help you in cleaning those areas. Even the vacuum cleaner due to its large size may not be able to reach all the parts.

Therefore, it’s necessary to keep an air blower so that the air can clean those areas with its high pressure instead.  

10. Plastic razor blades

Tools are used in order to remove the stickers from the windows and mirrors. The steel ones are not preferable as they can cause damage to the glass and might leave scratches too. 


These were the nine-essential auto-detailing products we could think of for your car.

You need not worry about your car’s appearance while driving through puddles after a good rainy day because, with these products backing you up, you can clean your way through almost anything.

We certainly hope they help you in achieving the results that you want.

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