Magnetic screen doors made of fiberglass mesh tend to be of high quality. They are designed like a curtain that fits exactly on a door frame. They open and close freely and have a magnetic strip at the center. Family-owned and operated Peninsula Mobile Screens has been installing and repairing screens for more than 20 years. A screen door with magnets enables free movement in and out of the house without struggling with the door locks. 

Your door frame size 

The essence of installing a screen door with magnets is to keep dirt from entering your house. So, buying one that fits properly on your door frame is ideal. Don’t settle for a standard size because not all door frames are of the same size.

Before purchasing your magnetic screen door, always measure the width and length of your door frame. If you fail to get the exact fit, go for a bigger size than the door frame. This will be easier because you can fold the ends during installation for it to fit into the door frame.

Material of the magnetic screen door

Choose the polyester material if you want your house to have more natural light. If you are for more fresh air in the house, settle for the fiberglass material.

If you have small children in the house, double-check if the material used is child-friendly. Always choose a durable and quality material. Also, magnetic screen doors are of different colors. You may choose your favorite color or choose one that rhymes with the theme color of your house. 


Magnetic screen doors require proper maintenance for them to last longer. They need to be cleaned regularly to retain their original color and look attractive. When cleaning, ensure that you don’t apply a lot of pressure as the materials are delicate. Also, do not subject them to hard chemicals.


For security reasons, ensure that your magnetic screen door is not made of a very fragile material. Security of your home is key. Therefore ensure that your door is made of strong material. 

Some of the long-lasting materials used to make magnetic screen doors include iron and steel. They are always fitted with a quality key lock for maximum security. 


If you live in a place that experiences adverse climatic changes, always ensure that your magnetic screen door can give you excellent protection. During the cold seasons, your magnetic door must provide you with extra insulation to protect you from the cold. With the various varieties of materials to choose from, ensure that you settle for the perfectly fitting one without altering the appearance of your home. Also, remember to select a suitable material that can be easily insulated. 

Able to be customized

A magnetic screen door that can be customized is the best. This is because it gives your house an elegant and classy look. Nowadays, you should not settle for a flat and boring magnetic screen door. It is easier to choose a door that blends well with the rest of the house.


Before settling on the type of screen door with magnets, it is advisable to seek assistance from a skilled person. They will assist you in settling for the most agreeable alternative to your home.