Are you looking for awesome WordPress plugins that can help you upgrade your business this 2019? Indeed, there are thousands of plugins to choose from. For new users, choosing which is the right one for their site can be extremely overwhelming.

Indeed, with the right plugins, your business can grow. In this article, you can learn some of the best WordPress plugins according to experts.

Constant Contact

One of the Essential WordPress Plugins is Constant Contact. This enables you to get in touch with your audience even after they leave the site. Such is the reason why every business owner must create an email list immediately.

Constant Contact is very popular and is used by marketers around the world. This can allow you to make an email list and send awesome email newsletters to your subscribers. Meanwhile, this is easy to set up especially for non-techy business owners.


One of the best Google Analytic that you can try is the MonsterInsights. This can make you connect your website to Google Analytics and check how can people search and utilize your site.

Amazingly, this can show you all the essential stats at your WordPress dashboard. With the information provided, you can optimize your website to increase traffic and convert it to subscribers and revenue.

You can enjoy the MonsterInsights with its free version. But its true power can be achieved by unlocking the Pro version. Over 2 million business owners and websites use the MonsterInsights, thus, you must try it too.


Each website needs a contact form. With this, the audiences can find it easy to get in touch with your business. One of the most user-friendly plugins is called the WPForms.

This one features a drag and drop form which syncs online. This can allow you to make contact forms, email the subscriptions, and receive payments. The WPForms integrates with other well-known payment and marketing platforms. As such, you can create a powerful form easily.

In addition, this plugin allows you to create a login page and user registration form. The statistics show that there are around 2 million websites who use the WPForms. The plugin have gained and maintained a 4.9-star rating for many years now.

Furthermore, if you are serious about growing your business, you can have the Pro version. This comes with all the powerful features to boost your lead generation techniques.

Yoast SEO

With SEO, you can have more traffic from the search engine to your site. WordPress is already SEO friendly but you can do so much more to boost your website.

One of the Essential WordPress Pluginsis Yoast SEO. It offers a comprehensive solution with all the tools and features you need to improve your SEO figures. It can connect your website to Google, adds Meta tags, connects to various social media platforms, and generate sitemaps.

In addition, it comes with a Redirect feature that allows you to make 301 redirects which is helpful. It can detect any URL changes and make auto-redirects. With this, you won’t have any broken links on your site.


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