The concept of self-care in medicine is becoming substantial these days. It is about taking the necessary precautions at one’s own end to prevent the deterioration of health. This is extremely essential in the case of respiratory issues like asthma, COPD, and others. Gladly, the development of medical technology considerably supports the aspect of self-care for asthma patients. That’s where the use of portable mesh nebulizer comes in the picture. It is an innovative treatment for all the breathing problems. Let’s explore all the informed facts about it!

What Is A Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a piece of medical equipment that is used in the treatment of breathing problems. It helps to deliver the medication by converting liquid medicine into a mist or aerosol.  Though it plays the same role as an inhaler, the impact of a treatment is more straightforward and direct. This is because medication in the form of an aerosol reaches the lungs directly, leading to more effective treatment.

Table Top Or Portable – Which Is The Best Nebulizer?

All nebulizers are created concerning the same principles. However, there is some difference in the way each works. Talking specifically about Table Top nebulizer, it is best for home use. This is meant to keep on a steady surface and entails a power connection to operate. Though the efficiency of treatment is quite adequate, the inability to move around mount the biggest drawback.

On the flip side, a portable nebulizer is handheld equipment that helps in the medication anytime. It forms a great choice for people who have a busy lifestyle or have to travel often. The fact that it can be moved around conveniently makes it the best nebulizer for instant medication. Below are the top advantages of a portable nebulizer over tabletop nebulizer. Have a look!

  • It does not require an electric supply or power connection to work.
  • It is the best option for people suffering from severe respiratory problems.
  • It is lightweight and can be carried easily in a pocket or a purse.
  • It provides instant treatment in case of health emergencies when one is outside.
  • It heads towards positive improvements in health.

How To Clean and Care Portable Nebulizer?

A portable nebulizer is undoubtedly a great supporting partner for breathing problems. Thus, maintaining the nebulizer in the best way is essential for effective treatment. One needs to follow the specific guidelines to clean the portable nebulizer and get it disinfected. These are listed below:


  • Always follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer for cleaning the device.
  • Prevent the mesh nebulizer from getting filled with dust to maintain its proper functioning.
  • Always keep extra accessories like air filters and masks to cope up with the emergencies.


  • Do not use the mask more than 5-7 times as the degradation of plastic may impact the efficiency of treatment.
  • Do not use any worn or damaged nebulizer accessory.
  • Do not ignore changing the filter if it is filled with dust.

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Key Takeaways

Indeed, innovation in medical technology is a boon in today’s world. Surprisingly, it has led to a new shape of self-management for medical problems. In connotation to the respiratory issues, nebulizer works as a wondrous supporting system. Last but not the least, opting for a portable mesh nebulizeris a smart idea to achieve the medication anytime and anywhere.

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