Workplace drug testing is an increasingly hot topic as more and more states legalize marijuana for personal use. 

Because of how long THC stays in the system, many people think that drug testing in the workplace is becoming outdated. 

Regardless of you feel about it, there are a few things that you might want to know regarding drug testing in the workplace just in case you want to implement it in your on business. 

Keep reading for a quick rundown of how drug testing in the workplace can work. hair follicle drug test australia is a test that involves sending a sample of a person’s hair to a lab to look for signs of drug and alcohol usage.

Random Vs Planned

There are 2 primary kinds of during-employment drug testing. One is random drug testing and the other is planned drug testing. There’s also accident-related drug testing and suspicion-based drug testing, but those rely on special circumstances.

In random drug-testing, the employees are not warned about the drug test and they do not know about it until day of. This prevents any “cheating”, as well as employees having time to clear out their systems. 

This deters employees from using drugs at all while they work for you as they never know when their number will be up, so to speak. This may also lower employee morale. 

Planned or periodic drug testing is scheduled in advance with all employees knowing ahead of time when the testing will take place. These are less damaging to employee morale, but this also gives them time to prepare. 

Pre-Employment Testing or During-Employment Testing?

Pre-employment drug testing is common in many industries. Government jobs often use drug testing, as well as medical jobs and many jobs that require heavy machinery. These tests can cover tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

During-employment testing can occur at any time that someone is employed. The drug test doesn’t just act as a barrier, it also must be met regularly. 

For many jobs, pre-employment drug testing is more of a formality than anything else. 

For either testing style, employers may only be interested in certain types of drugs. Some employers care more about tobacco than marijuana, for example. Some employers will turn a blind eye to legal marijuana but will reject those who use heroin, cocaine, or other illicit drugs.

For either pre or during employment testing, ensure that the employee doesn’t have a medical reason for having a flag during a test. Some medications may give false flags.

What’s the Cost? 

Cost is a factor when trying to figure out whether or not drug testing is right for your business. 

Drug screening costs vary depending on the type of test, the frequency of testing, and the number of employees that you have.

It may be as much as $30 per person, but finding the right test or testing company may lower costs. 

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Is Workplace Drug Testing for You?

Depending on your industry, workplace drug testing may help keep your employees and customers safe and happy. As a business owner, you have to think carefully about whether or not drug testing in the workplace is right for your company.  For more posts like this, visit the rest of our site.

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