Electrical fires are quite dangerous and hazardous caused by a faulty electrical system. The severity of the problem can be measured by the fact that 51000 electrical fires take place every year. Thus, you should be aware of all the facts and information regarding it to prevent one.

Here, we will discuss the causes of electrical fires and preventive measures that can be taken to reduce them. We will know how All Day Electrician can come in handy in these situations.

Common causes of an Electrical Fire:

There can be many potential causes of electrical fires ranging from faulty circuits to torn insulation. Let’s evaluate the most common:

1. Worn-out wiring:

Electrical wiring is an internal system and is operated when a house is built, once built, no one can even see it. When houses become old, the wiring is bound to get damaged. Also, the modern high capacity appliances demand less resistance, and more energy, ancient wiring won’t be able to control this and result in electrical faults. Thus, an all day electrician should be hired to inspect the old wiring’s condition.

2. Electrical overloads:

It’s no big deal to face a power outage in your area due to electrical overloads. Sometimes, due to higher energy and lower supply, multiple high-end electrical devices are plugged into one circuit causing the circuit to explode and cause a fire.

3. Outdated appliances:

Modern technology uses such appliances that consume less energy and thus don’t cause an overload. Older models on the other hand aren’t energy efficient. Thus, if you use outdated appliances in your home there are high chances of an electrical fire. An all day electrician can help identify such appliances and replace them.

4. Unbalanced electrical connections:

Unbalanced electrical connection refers to a situation in which high voltages are plugged in low voltage sockets resulting in electrical fires. Thus, it’s always a smart move to have multiple high-voltage sockets for such a situation.

5. Inefficient and faulty electrical outlets:

Fires start in the electrical outlet of your house and offices. An experienced electricianinspects the electrical outlets regularly and repairs if needed.

 Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires in your house

Considering the amount of loss, they cause, the following methods will come in handy:

· Have an updated electrical system

· Use modern high-level electrical wiring

· Have a place that is fire protected i.e. have fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and emergency numbers on speed dial

·  Hire an electrician who can come to your house on a call. This will ensure experts’ opinion on every electrical issue

·  Have insulated, tested, and fire-resistant wires in your electrical circuit

These tips can only work if you are aware of fire-safety measures.


Electrical fires are preventable. But, anyone with no knowledge of electrical hazards can ignore the potential causes of an electrical fire. So, you shouldn’t let electrical fires destroy your home and cause harm to anyone. Contacting an expert electrician is the best way to get rid of this problem and live a safe life.  

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