The life of an influencer isn’t as easy as most would hope. Aside from competing and trying to gain views on extremely competitive markets, they also need to diversify and manage multiple accounts across different platforms. That’s why most influencers find themselves working way more than the standard forty hours each week. But, if there’s one rule in today’s economy, it is that you should work smarter not harder – burning yourself out on managing your social media and brand will just mean you will have less time to produce content, and in the long run, it’ll be unsustainable, anyways. This is of a selection of excellent tools should help you make your work more efficient and automatized:


When influencers were first entering the market, they were expected to be active on Facebook and Twitter with the occasional quip or image. Then, after a while, YouTube became prominent, and most influencers couldn’t survive without having at a minimum a YouTube channel and some vlogs uploaded to it. After that came Instagram, and it was almost the exclusive source they could use if they wanted to see their images gain any traction. Not long after Snapchat came in, and Instagrammers found it extremely lucrative and useful to use it.

Now, influencers need to manage a lot of social media platforms just to stay on top of the game – this gets extremely exhausting and time-consuming, and you’ll need all the help you can get just to stay afloat. That’s why a Buffer is an excellent tool. It’ll help you by providing a one-stop hub for all your social media needs. You can check on your followers, schedule posts, and perform many more activities all from a single standardized hub. If you want to cut the time you are performing the miscellaneous tasks involved in managing your brand on social media, you definitely have to give Buffer a try.

Google AdWords

An important part of being an influencer is keeping up with the internet trends and make sure you capitalize on them. That’s why market research is an almost essential part of being an influencer – not only will it tell you how is your brand going, but it’ll help you see new trends and evolve your brand in a direction that could survive for years to come.

Google AdWords is one of the most versatile marketing tools – you’ll be able to analyze wider trends down to individual keywords – the amount of information you can get with it is invaluable.


GIMP design

GIMP is a relatively famous open-source image editing tool that offers a wide range of tools that lets you manipulate and create new art. You might be asking yourself, why would GIMP be important for an influencer? One thing that no one can deny is the fact that visuals are the primary thing that determines an influencer’s success. Low-production-value content will signal to potential followers that your content is low quality and that will surely make them go elsewhere.

GIMP isn’t the be-all-end-all tool for image editing, and if you’re putting out video content, you’ll need way more sophisticated software, but it is a simple and efficient tool that will provide the bare-minimum features for you to succeed.



Fourthwall is an exciting new startup with a very ambitious goal – not only will it allow you to control all your social media accounts from one hub, but it wants to provide built-in eCommerce and patronage capabilities. It is the ultimate one-stop tool for you to manage everything about your work as an influencer. You should definitely check them out on

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