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Swollen legs are one of the common problems for people of all ages. However, swollen legs are often a sign of an underlying health issue. Therefore, if you are experiencing swollen legs for no apparent reason, you should visit a medical practitioner as soon as possible for a diagnostic evaluation. At Soffer Health Institute, experienced cardiologist Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC, and the team offer precise diagnostic testing for Weston swollen legs to determine the underlying health issues such as blood clots and circulatory disorders. To inquire more about how the treatments can help with your swollen legs, call or schedule an appointment online today. They also offer convenient telemedicine consultations.

What Are the Possible Causes of Swollen Legs?

Swollen legs result from excess fluid buildup in your leg tissues, often due to an underlying health issue. This swelling condition is referred to as peripheral edema and is caused by kidney dysfunction or side effects of a circulatory problem. The common causes of swollen legs include:

·       Inflammatory disease

·       Heart disease

·       Deep vein thrombosis

·       Blood clots

·       Chronic venous insufficiency

·       Injuries

In most situations, leg swelling becomes worse when you stand or walk for a prolonged time.

When Should You Seek Treatment for Swollen Legs?

If you experience unexplained or sudden swollen legs, you should seek medical treatment immediately for diagnostic evaluation. The team at Soffer Health Institute also provides telemedicine consultation to define your best course of action. If you have swollen legs that come with fainting, chest pain, breath shortness, and coughing up blood, it is recommendable to seek emergency medical treatment.  These symptoms might be an indication of a heart issue or a blood clot in your lungs.

What Should You Expect During Swollen Legs Diagnosis?

When you visit a medical practitioner with swollen legs, they will start by reviewing your family and personal medical history, as well as discuss other symptoms that you have to determine the underlying cause. They also do a physical examination to assess the condition entirely. The providers at Soffer Health Institute might also request imaging tests such as X-rays and ultrasound or ask you to undertake blood tests to check for any underlying infection.

What Are the Available Treatments for Swollen Legs?

There are several effective treatments for swollen legs depending on how severe your condition is or any underlying disease.  For mild swelling in your legs, your provider might recommend keeping your legs in an elevated position for some time and observe whether the condition worsens. For severe or sudden swelling, the doctor might give you medications to help your body eradicate excess fluids. They may also give you medicines to break the clots in your veins to decrease swelling and the risk of more severe complications. If your swollen legs are due to chronic venous insufficiency, you might require to take medications and wear compression socks to enhance your blood flow. Sclerotherapy is another effective treatment that uses a solution injection that collapses insufficient veins making them go away.

In conclusion, you should not risk developing a severe underlying condition due to swollen legs. At Soffer Health Institute, the team provides customized treatment as well as dietary and lifestyle changes to avert additional swelling. To find out more, call or schedule an appointment online today.

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