The crown jewel of the Arab world is a marketing haven coveted by all modern companies seeking to diversify their market share. This modern city hub hosts numerous tradeshows and major exhibition fairs annually that draws out the cream of the crop in the local and international market. Stands for conference in Dubai these parts follow very definite design criteria that not only maximize on using all angles of an exhibition space but also are in tune with all the developing trends in the advertisement industry.

Making your Brand More Visible in Dubai Tradeshows

Smart companies aiming to make a bold mark in Dubai understand the potential the market holds in these parts and the scale of the opportunity presented to their brand by winning a spot in a local tradeshow. Making the right partners in the planning process of the event is the determining factor of how successful your booth will be in creating a steady footfall. We are media savvy and take pride in providing cutting edge solutions to modern companies in their respective industries. We link such visionary entrepreneurs to exceptional stands designers in Dubai for a marketing venture that is targeted.

Making your brand easily recognizable in a competitive landscape like that presented in Dubai fairs takes professional artistry and experience.  Strategic use of technology lets you enhance your presence using visual and audio aids. Digital screens, sound projectors, and mood lighting give your space a professional ambiance that automatically attracts crowds from other stands. Having a strategic spot and all the advertising equipment is not adequate to give your brand the X factor it needs. This is can be achieved by the layout of different aspects in a manner that does not congest your space yet makes you visible from all angles.

Choosing a Seasoned Stands Designer in Dubai 

With the vision and marketing objectives for your brand now clear you will need a stands designer who can offer a personalized touch to your marketing line of thought. We can get you direct access to visionary designers with pristine track records in customizing stands to user preference. Such elite companies work with you rather than excluding you from the creative process. It’s your moment and as such you deserve a voice in the matter to ensure your brand gets the attention it well deserves. Some of the seasoned companies in the local scene include:

  • Cheers Exhibition Services
  • Brandroot Marketing FZC
  • Mental Flame
  • Kreative Kross
  • JAG 2 Creative
  • Expoforma – Stand design & construction
  • Blue Shield Exhibitions
  • Events Lab Dubai
  • oBooths
  • AdME Events
  • Expoforma – Stand design & construction
  • Blue Shield Exhibitions
  • Events Lab Dubai and many others!

Dubai Exhibition Style for Long Term Market Value

The secret is to get potential customers to your exhibition space, keeping them glued to your spot with relevant information and getting them to give you access to personal accounts such as email in order to make follow-ups. This is achieved by using smart technology that can be integrated into their smart devices hence redirecting their individual accounts to your business sites. Set up charging stations, game stations, selfie walls or QR codes they can scan with their devices as they indulge themselves.     


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