There’s a popular belief that if you keep your head bare and unexposed in winter, you lose 80 to 90 percent of your body heat. Well, it’s not true because you lose body heat from any exposed part of the body, your head included. We lose heat evenly across the body, though there’s some variation in the neck and head region when you start your workout, which gets regulated in a few minutes.

However, wearing protective headgear in winter is crucial to keep out the biting cold. Choose a nice, warm winter from brands like Oddjob hat and “keep your cool” by keeping yourself warm. Hats can protect you from the freezing weather besides enhancing your style and appearance.

Here are some expert tips for choosing a winter hat:

Big Camp Hat

When you decide to go camping in winter, make sure you don’t go tent camping if the temperatures are below 40°F. The ideal temperature is between 50° F and 65° F for comfortable camping. However, even at such temperatures, you need proper headgear to keep yourself warm.

Wearing an unstructured five-panel camp hat with an adjustable stretch-fit to keep out even the thinnest jets of cold air will keep you warm. It’s better if the camp hat is made of wool or felted wool, because that is what’s suitable for outdoor activities, and you don’t feel the cold, however long you are out in the cold. You can look up the various colors and materials from online hat stores like Oddjob hat and choose the one you fancy.

Unstructured Snapback in Wool

Winter’s the time when people start stocking up on their warm winter hats. When you leave your head exposed, the blood flow to that region is restricted. Moreover, unlike the other parts of the body with a subcutaneous layer of protective fat to keep it warm, the head has no such protective layer. Wearing a hat made out of wool insulates you and keeps your head warm.

According to the Harvard Health School, we are not as thermostatically sensitive above the neck as we are below it. Hence, the head’s blood vessels do not constrict due to the cold because the brain needs a steady supply of warm blood. With no subcutaneous fat for insulation, even if you wrap up the rest of your body in triple layers of warm clothing and leave your head bare, you could lose up to 50% of your body heat through your head. Did you know that even if you wear mittens or gloves and warm socks, you can still feel cold because of the blood vessel constriction caused by leaving your head bare in the cold?

If you have a large head, and plan to go camping or trekking in winter, an unstructured snapback in wool is a must to carry along. Wool is the best insulating fabric as it traps the warm air within. However, ensure that your snapback doesn’t get wet because a wet hat doesn’t offer much protection from the cold. The stitched eyelets at the top of the unstructured snapback allow the moisture to evaporate and help you remain warm and dry.

Summing it Up

Warm headgear during winter is essential to keep out the cold and maintain the right body temperature. Selecting a stylish wool hat helps you beat the cold while on a camping or trekking trip during winter.

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