Our eyelashes are the guardians of our eyes, they may not be equipped to block away bigger particles, but they protect our eyes from tiny dust particles, and they also act as sensors that prompt our eyes to shut if a harsh wind is blowing or if something comes to close to our eyes, such as our hairs on our head!

Most of us have long eyelashes and the thickness of our eyelashes depends upon the way our hairs are on our whole body, implying that our genetics play a key role in the way our eyelashes look and grow.

Some people develop a condition known as hypotrichosis, in which their eyelashes fall or become very thin. Certain medications, eating habits as well as stress can make our eyelashes fall before completing their growth cycle.

Having thin eyelashes, or lashes that fall before their time may not seem like a big deal to some people, but most of us, especially people who work in the fashion or entertainment industry like to look good and their eyelashes are important to them.

We can also grow our eyelashes to our desired length and add to the youth and beauty of our face if we follow the remedies that work.

Before you use any remedy, first of all, know that the length, thickness, and color of your lashes depends on your genetics. If you have a history of short lashes in your family, then you will not have very long eyelashes.

So before you start to try any natural remedy or even make use of any prescribed treatment for the growth of your eyelashes such as Careprost, remember to have realistic expectations about your eyelash growth.

Start With Cleaning & Caring For Your Eyelashes

Our eyelashes are delicate, and due to our busy schedules, we don’t get enough time to take care of our eyelashes or even our eyes.

So if you want to promote healthy eyelash growth and also maintain their beauty and length then you should start by cleaning them every day.

You might not even realize it, but dust particles can settle on your lashes and even clog the roots of your eyelashes.

Whenever you clean your face, make sure to clean your eyes and your eyelashes gently so that your eyes are free from any dust particles.

Also, take special care in removing eye makeup as the products that go into making eye make-up are often not very conducive to the growth of your eyelashes. Nowadays, we tend to apply make-up almost every day and we prefer our eye make-up to be waterproof which is why it is impossible to clean the lashes with only water.

We might use a foaming cleanser for washing the eye make-up from our face, but they can be too harsh for our eyes.

In such cases, you can make use of oils to clean off any mascara or eyeliner from your eyes, if you use coconut oil or other such eyelash growth-boosting oil, you will be getting two benefits. You will be able to remove the make-up and also nourish your eyelashes with oils.

No matter what you do, make it a point to sleep only after your make-up is completely off, this simple step will go a long way in keeping your lashes clean and nourished.

If you want you can use Careprost eyelash growth serum after removing your eye make-up at night to boost your lashes length and thickness along with growth.

The Use of Oils for Quick Eyelash Growth and Do they Work?

There are many people across the whole world who are adamant that oils work, but the researchers conducted to verify the claim have not been clear about the effectiveness of the use of oils for eyelash growth.

But then each eyelash growth hacks are funny that way, some may work like a charm, while others may just not work no matter who effective they appear in theory.

But the good thing about the use of oils for topical application on the lashes is that the oils offer moisturization and conditioning to the eyelashes and that can help in the prevention of premature falling of the eyelashes.

But most of the eyelash growth serums that are available in the market contain some kind of oil or may boast of high vitamin E content which is nourishing to the eyelashes.

But even then, we cannot expect the oils to replicate the results that you may get from a prescribed product such as Bimat eye drops for your eyelash growth.

But you can still make use of oils to offer it nourishment and prevent your lashes from becoming dry and brittle.

Well-nourished and soft eyelashes often complete their growth cycle better than dry lashes.

Your Eating Habits Can Impact Your Lashline

The food we eat has an impact on every part of our body, including our eyelashes, and hence changing your diet or just adding a few new ingredients in your meals can contribute to better eyelash growth, as well as the growth of your eyebrows and the hairs on your heat.

If your diet is low on micro-nutrients such as Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, iron, and even macro-nutrients like keratin protein that you may suffer from problems with your eyelash growth, such as premature falling of your lashes, thinning of your lash line, and shorter length of your lashes over a span of months.

You can easily look up food items that promote the growth of hairs and add them to your diet, but when you eat food items that boost hair growth, you will take time to see changes in your eyelash growth and it may happen so slowly that you may not even realize that you are having some eyelash growth.

If you want more noticeable, and quick eyelash growth, then along with making changes in your diet, make sure to use some topical treatment specifically designed to boost eyelash growth, you can also use a combination of hair-growth boosting oils for this very purpose.

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