Fabric painting with a fabric marker or fabric pen is more comfortable than using any paint-brushes. Any kind of painting or designing can be done on fabric using fabric markers or pens. Fabric markers or pens are more useful when you need to paint thin lines. The designs of fabric pens or markers are permanent, no wash or brush can’t clean them afterward. Painting or designing by using fabric pens or markers is more comfortable, and it can be controlled as wish while working. Fabric pens or markers can work efficiently with stencils; they can be applied with rubber stamps.if you need more information about fabric markers please visit choosemarker.com.

What is Fabric Marker Pen?

Fabric pens or markers are marking paint pens and are useful for any of the paintings, drawings, markings, letterings on any fabric. Using fabric pens on any fabric is more comfortable than painting by any of the paint-brushes.

There are a variety of fabric markers for fabric art available in the market of different shapes, styles, and quality. This content is for helping you to choose the exact marker for your work.

1. What makes a pen a Fabric Marker?

Fabric markers or pens involves with permanent color. Usually, the colors or designs of the fabric marker pen can’t wash off or erased by any brushes. The regular fabric marker pens are labeled “permanent,” which means their paints or designs can’t wash or delete anyhow.

2. Size Varieties

There are a variety of shapes or sizes of fabric marker pens. If you need designs with thick lines, then there are available thick shaped markers, else if you need designs with the broad range, then there are available brush style fabric markers too. The more elegant the top of a fabric marker pen, the fine a design you will be able to draw. Again, to draw wider lines, try to use brush shaped or wide shaped marker pens. But, don’t give durable press on the thick marker to get thin lines, because it can damage your marker pen. Instead, tilt the pen; therefore, it’s at a small angle; thus, you are making the road with the sting of the marker, not merely the tip.

3. Fabric Selection

To get a better experience and exact design, fabric selection is an important part too. The quality and nature of fabric have an impression on how good a fabric marker pan works. Rough grain or rough surface to a cloth or fabric means there are “lumps and bumps” the fabric marker pen has to go over. Any smooth material is comfortable to work on. If you have any doubts about that, test a fabric marker pen on a fragment of fabric or somewhere after the scene, like an inner union.

Be cautious about that; do not pause with the tip of the marker holding on the fabric surface because the ink of the design can flow out into it. If you discover yourself hesitant, elevate the pen off the material, whereas you’re thinking concerning what you are doing.

4.  Lettering

Lettering on any designs is more comfortable and more comfortable by using a fabric marker pen than using any paint-brushes. If you need to draw some letters for designing, then using a fabric marker pen can be the best option for you. For drawing any design for any exclusive day t-shirts, papers, or posters, using a fabric marker pan can be the best option to make your work easier and accurate. Lettering by fabric pen is more natural than using any paint-brushes, just like writing with a pen.

5. Large Range of Color

If you need to draw a design in a large area, fabric marker pens can be used there too. Different qualities of markers are useful for drawing on a diverse range. The cost of using a fabric marker pen is cheaper than using any paint-brushes. So, when you draw any design in a large area, you can use fabric marker pens to get better quality and safe cost. While drawing on a large area, let the colors dry before applying another color on it so that it won’t be bleeding.

6. Stenciling

Working with stencils makes fabric marker pens work well. To draw outlines, run the marker pen along the edge of the stencil. While drawing with a stencil, make sure that the stencil doesn’t slip.

7. Stamping

For stamping designs, fabric marker pens work well. For designing on fabric with rubber stamps, using fabric marker pens is a good idea. The technique of using fabric marker pen for stamping is simple: run the marker pen over the stamp to add color, then put the stamp to the targeted fabric point and press it firmly, you will have your work done. But, while applying this process, try to complete the process quickly else, the color can dry on the stamp. Stamping with a fabric pan can be done within a short time, so usually, there are fewer risks of drying the color on the stamp.


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