If you read the blogs they post at the Divante MedSpa site, so many of them end with some version of: “call us for a free consultation. We’ll sit down with you, and figure out which treatment is right for you” or something like that. I went through their site, looking at all of their different stuff, and it all looked so good. Like, I really couldn’t decide. They did have a great option for people like me, though: the facial skin treatments. Their facial treatments and everything they cover is why I feel Divante is the top facial spa near me (or anywhere else, really). Well, I also got my Spa Gift Vouchers recently and thought to break this news to you all.

Best of Everything

I knew I wanted to do something for my face, but I wasn’t sure exactly what.  So many treatments sounded so good, but then some other treatment would sound so good, too. What’s great about these facial treatments is that they combine all the great benefits. They really do talk to you about exactly what you want and tell you everything that each treatment can do. That way, I could pick the one that really did seem to speak to me.

The Benefits

I won’t say that I “hid my skin,” (that’s kinda hard to do in southern California, an area where it’s routinely above 100 degrees and not just in summer), but I definitely tried to keep people from looking at it. I’m in good shape, but my skin could be better. I’ve used so many different kinds of products and treatments, but woof do I wish I’d come to Divante sooner. Their facial treatments felt like they gave me a new face (I know they didn’t). I looked younger when I walked out of there, and particularly after a day or so. But, more importantly perhaps, I felt younger, too.

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The Face of Confidence

Have you ever sat around and thought: “where did my confidence go? I had been so confident before, and now it’s fading away…” That might be an exaggeration, but I know plenty of people who have that worry sometimes (meekly raises hand). Well, I sure didn’t worry about that after I got this facial treatment. I got my youthful confidence back in a very brief period of time. I got rid of those dark circles under my eyes, too.

Search for “Facial Spa near me” or just go to Divante

I didn’t truly appreciate just how much the texture of my skin was off until I had this treatment. Then, I was able to see how my skin really should look, they tell you that “oh, getting skincare can lead to improved quality of life” but it actually was way, way better than I thought. My one real regret is not getting these treatments earlier, the first time that wrinkles and more started to appear on my face. The people at Divante have so many great facial treatments to choose from, it was hard to pick one.


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