The world has become so busy that it can seem like there’s not enough time for us to just be with our families and bond with them. Spending quality time with your family is important to create strong bonds. Here are a few easy yet effective family bonding activities you can try:

Plan a Party Together

Planning a major event like a party together can be a great bonding activity for you and your children. It will teach them how to be organized, resourceful, how to budget and how to plan ahead. Include them in the planning process for their next birthday party. Ask for their input to help you decide on a theme, food and the guest list. Two things you won’t have to worry about are entertainment and photography. Renting a photo booth from The Photo Factory takes care of that for you so you can focus on other things.

The Photo Factory provides state of the art photo booths with a wide array of backgrounds and props, so you can match them to the theme of your party. Photo booths provide endless entertainment, and your guests will have plenty of fun doing wacky and hilarious poses for the camera. Best of all, they offer unlimited printing, downloads and easy sharing online and on social media, so your guests can leave your party with meaningful souvenirs. Click the link to learn more about the top photo booth rental in NYC.

Go on a Trip

Traveling together is one of the best ways to strengthen your bonds as a family, and to learn new things about each other. Traveling forces you to interact closely and intimately for long hours at a time, so you’ll definitely get to know each other better.

Summer is the best time to travel for families with school-age children, but the holiday season is also a popular time to travel. You don’t have to wander too far; choose a nearby destination with age-appropriate attractions for your children, and enjoy a few days of quality time together.

Plant a Garden

Pottering around in the garden is a great way to teach your children patience, consistency and responsibility. It’s also a good way to instill in them a sense of care for the environment, which is currently in dire straits.

If you live in an apartment or don’t have enough space for a garden, you can still grow small plants in pots that you can put on your window sill or balcony. Help your child monitor their plants’ growth, and remind them to water and check on them regularly.

Play Sports

Team sports naturally bring people together, whether it’s your family members or your team at work. It’s no wonder that sports are often used as team building activities. Play your child’s favorite sport with them; it’s a great way to spend quality time together while being more active and physical. You could even watch your child’s favorite team play as another bonding activity.

Eat Together

Having meals together as a family may not be as easy as it used to be a few decades ago. The world has become increasingly hectic and busy, and people’s schedules don’t always line up. Despite these challenges, try and make the time to sit down to dinner with your whole family as often as possible. If dinner isn’t doable, try breakfast, before everyone goes off to work or school.

Whatever bonding activity you decide to try, make sure to put away your phone and don’t let anything else distract you. Be completely present and really enjoy your quality time together.


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