FamilyTime – The Best App to help iPhone Loving Families Strike Balance in Kids’ Daily Activities

In today’s chaotic lifestyle, we (kids and adults alike) spend our days staring at screens constantly from morning till night. Therefore, striking a balance is absolutely necessary, especially in young kids’ lives. Let’s take a closer look at why it is so essential for kids to have a balanced routine.

Importance of A Balanced Routine for Kids

Kids need stability for better mental and physical development. Having kids follow a daily routine has several benefits for them. If they carry out similar activities, i.e., waking up, having breakfast, attending school, etc., it instills a sense of security, familiarity, and confidence in kids. A daily routine is crucial for kids because it helps them stay level-headed, especially if they are going through a rough patch.

Role of Screens in Kids’ Lives

It is an undeniable reality that screens have become a huge part of modern-day lifestyle. Irrespective of whether you are a teen or an adult, owning an iPhone is considered a staple of class and sophistication. Though many parents buy their kids iPhones, it doesn’t take away the fact that they still wish to protect them from the horrors of modern-day digital dangers that come along. What better way to protect them than with FamilyTime parental control app for iPhone?

What Is FamilyTime?

FamilyTime is an app known best for offering parental controls that cater to security need of kids and teens both. It is quite dynamic and robust since it works well with both Android and iPhone devices. Let’s look into the features it offers as the best parental control iPhone app.

How Does It Help Parents Devise a Balanced Routine for Kids?

Parents whose kids spend most of their time interacting with screens often struggle to strike a balance in their kids’ daily routines. Parents look for ways to help limit their kids’ screen interactions, especially now that scientific studies prove that excessive screen time is directly linked with shrinking attention spans in kids. Here is how FamilyTime can help you overcome this challenge.

Screen Time Limit

There is no doubt that kids live for their screens nowadays. Screens are addictive, and kids give us a hard time if they don’t get their screens. The withdrawal is tough to handle. FamilyTime offers an easy way to limit kids’ screen time. Parents can decide when, where, and for how long kids can use their screens in a day. The best path is to start earlier when kids are young.

FamilyTime Screen Time Limit

Screen Time Schedule

FamilyTime allows parents to devise a customizable schedule for their kids’ digital activities. They can set up a specific time for each task, such as bedtime, homework, meal times, etc.

That way, kids won’t be able to access their devices during those times. Therefore, kids can carry out their tasks with complete concentration.

Internet Filter

In the modern world, we need access to the internet to (basically) do everything. However, the surplus of inappropriate content and how easily kids can access it does not sit well with any parent. Therefore, every parent makes educated decisions and efforts to restrict their kids from accessing indecent content. FamilyTime’s Internet Filter makes it easy for parents to filter explicit websites by merely pushing a few buttons.

Content Filter

FamilyTime offers a special content filter for iPhone families, so kids never get exposed to inappropriate content inadvertently or otherwise. It allows parents to filter movies, songs, TV shows, books, apps, etc. Moreover, you can turn on the Safe Search setting to remove all offensive material from search results, including images, videos, and text.

Internet Schedule

Another reason FamilyTime is famous as the best parental control iPhone app is because it bestows parents with an incredible superpower. They can devise an internet schedule for their kids. That means parents decide when and how long kids can use the internet throughout the day. It also helps teens stay off social media after bedtime.  

App Blocker

Every other day, kids and teens rave about a new and trendy app. But, most parents are unaware that many apps are unsafe for kids to use unsupervised. There are dating apps that are specially designed for teens now. No parents would ever feel okay with their teens using such apps to meet and date strangers.

Not to mention the unlimited gaming apps and sites based on explicit and violent content that kids use nowadays. Parents can use FamilyTime’s App Blocker feature to ward off such horrors. It allows parents to approve/disapprove apps before kids could use them.

App Usage Report

Another helpful strategy to strike a balance in kids’ lives is to analyze how much time they spend on different apps on their devices. FamilyTime’s App Usage Report provides an overview of kids’ daily activities, and parents can make changes to their routine based on that data. For instance, parents can intervene as needed if kids spend most of their time playing games or using social media.

YouTube Monitoring

YouTube’s popularity among kids and adults around the world is irrefutable. Not a day goes by when kids don’t watch their favorite nursery rhymes and songs on Cocomelon. Similarly, teens watch their favorite songs or shows on this platform. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that there is no shortage of inappropriate content on this platform.

FamilyTime allows parents to monitor and manage their kids’ YouTube consumption remotely. You can now view your kids’ YouTube search and comment history. These features also help you protect your kids against issues like cyberbullying, online grooming, racial comments, etc.

TikTok Monitoring

TikTok came and took over the world. Teens love making TikTok reels. Even kids use this platform, and that is what makes all the difference. Though TikTok policies state that users must be over the age of 13 to use this platform, it is very easy to create an account with false credentials. The overabundance of unsuitable content only adds fuel to the fire.

FamilyTime offers the TikTok Monitoring feature to help parents safeguard their kids on this app and ensure that they do not get exposed to obscene content or get addicted to the short reels on this platform.

Calls & Text Monitoring

We live in the age of digital advancement. Though widespread access to the internet has improved almost every aspect of our lives, we simply cannot overlook the dangers and threats it has wrought on our lives either. The fact that we have to fight issues like phishing attacks, scams, clickbait, identity theft, cyberbullying, etc., is proof of how times have changed for the worse.

Parents wish to protect their kids from all sorts of threats. To make that happen, FamilyTime offers the Call & Text Monitoring feature. It scans kids’ conversations and notifies parents immediately if any issues (related to the mentioned issues) get flagged. The best thing is that parents can do this while respecting their kids’ privacy. They don’t have to go through their phones or read every conversation themselves.

Cool Features That Help Protect Kids from Real-world Dangers

FamilyTime is a lot more than a typical parental control iPhone app. It caters to the security needs of (both) kids and teens. It ensures their digital safety and also protects them from real-world threats. Here are some of the most incredible features that help parents protect their kids against a range of hazards.

Location Tracking

With child abductions and molestation cases skyrocketing, parents’ anxiousness is understandable. The sheer panic when you lose sight of kids, even for a few moments, is universally relatable. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. With FamilyTime’s location tracking feature, you can locate your kids within seconds.  


FamilyTime takes kids’ safety very seriously. It enables parents to create a virtual shield around their kids. They can mark places their kids visit frequently and receive notifications as soon as kids enter or leave those places. It gives them peace of mind knowing that kids are exactly where they are supposed to be present.

Teen Safe Drive

Grabbing the steering wheel for the first time and learning how to drive is an emotional moment for teens and their parents alike. They experience a flurry of emotions, nervousness, pride, and fear at the same time. Teens feel free and on the edge of adulthood. The excitement and the desire to show off their driving skills may compromise their ability to make better decisions behind the wheel.

Over-speeding or talking on the phone while driving may result in horrifying accidents. To help parents keep their teens in check and safe on the road, FamilyTime offers the Teen Safe Drive feature. It allows parents to set up a driving speed limit for their teens that they must observe. If they drive at a higher speed, parents receive immediate notifications that they can use to reprimand their kids.

SOS/Panic Button

Parents cannot physically guard their kids at all times. It does not mean that parents have to make compromises on their kids’ safety. The SOS/Panic button is particularly helpful if kids run into trouble of any kind. It can be a medical emergency, an attack by bullies, a suspicious stranger, a stalker, or anything else. Kids can press this button to alert their parents that they need help. It sends the alert with their current location so parents can reach them on time where they should.

Pick Me Up Button

Are you a working parent? Do you often get stuck at work or forget that you were supposed to pick up your kids? Fret not. FamilyTime’s got your back. Use the Pick Me Up button to set up the reminders, and it will alert you when you should leave to get your kids. It is worth noting that you can still use this feature to set reminders even if you are not a working parent. Parenting is challenging, and it is understandable to lose track of time when you have endless amounts of chores to complete.  

Web History

Are you worried your kids may be exposed to indecent or obscene content? Do you suspect they are visiting sites they should not? Are they playing web-based games that are unsuitable for their age? If any of these situations apply to you, use the Web History feature of FamilyTime and keep an eye on your kids’ digital activities. With FamilyTime in your corner, you can steer them in the right direction easily.

Family Pause

Do you wish there was a way to ensure kids would behave well and learn their lesson if you ground/reprimand them? If your kids sneak around and use their devices even after you have taken away their screen privileges, FamilyTime can help you. With its Family Pause feature, you can make their screens/devices inaccessible for as long as you deem fit.

Is It Affordable?

FamilyTime offers a 3-day free trial for parents who wish to see how it works before they make a full commitment. However, if you have already decided to get it, you can buy any of its four payment packages that range between $1.15 per month to $2.25 per month. The prices have been designed according to the number of children devices parents need to monitor.

Is It User-friendly?

FamilyTime is quite easy to use. It has a three-step installation process. All you need to do is download it, install it on both child and parent devices, then set up whatever features you need to use. That is all it takes to remotely monitor everything from your parental device.

In A Nutshell…

FamilyTime is the best parental control iPhone app for countless reasons. It allows parents to monitor iPhone devices from Android ones and vice versa. It is versatile, state-of-the-art, affordable and user-friendly. It even has one of the best customer support system that helps you resolve any issues you may face. Visit its website for more details or sign up if you are ready to help your kids lead a more balanced life. If you want to download the app directly, visit Play Store or App Store.


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