Watch.. A famous British broadcaster throws Harry’s book in the trash

The famous British broadcaster Piers Morgan launches a scathing attack on Prince Harry because of his book .. and throws him in the trash

A famous British broadcaster throws Harry's book in the trash

Last Thursday’s publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs caused an uproar and generated a frenzy, prompting widespread debate and discussion.

After the controversial memoirs of Prince Harry caused a stir, renowned British broadcaster Piers Morgan had some strong words for him on his television show. With an air of indignation, he violently threw Harry’s book into the trashcan and proclaimed: “This is its rightful destination.”

The depth of discord

It is remarkable that the world-renowned Harry’s autobiography, titled “Spear”, was available for purchase in Spain prior to its worldwide release date of January 10.

Reuters reports that the book goes deeper than just revealing the chasm between Prince Harry and his brother, heir to the throne, Prince William. It also discloses certain admissions of drug use as well as other personal details.

No comment

Following their decision to end their Royal duties in 2020 and move with wife, Meghan, to California for a totally new lifestyle, Harry has recently published his book. This sparked an outcry from the British press over his criticism of Windsor Castle’s traditions.

As is expected, King Charles and Prince William’s representatives declined to comment, adhering to the royal family’s standard protocol.