Famous Icons & Their Signature Sunglasses


Sunglasses have long become an avenue for celebrities to make their way into icon-hood. When you Google any household name like James Dean or Jackie Kennedy O’Nasis, chances are you’ll find a photo of them sporting shades. It’s thanks to them and a lot of classic Hollywood stars that the fashion choice of wearing shades still lives on.

If you want to stand out or make a statement, wear a pair of sunglasses. John Lennon was known for his round sunnies. Elton John wore oversized shades. It’s all about silhouette and colour. Sunglasses complement your outfit and leave an impression in the minds of people you come across.

In this article, we’ll be naming some famous stars and the sunglasses that they made famous. Keep reading and see who made it onto our list of trendsetters!

1. Tom Cruise

Yes, Tom Cruise definitely takes our breath away–especially in the film that launched his career into superstardom. Top Gun is the same movie that forever associated him with aviator shades. In the film, Tom Cruise is a dashing fighter pilot who styles his sunglasses with his flight suit. 

This combination has since incorporated itself into cinematic language. When you see characters wearing aviator shades in a movie (e.g. Iron Man), then you know they’re the lively adventurous types.

2. John Lennon

John Lennon is the most influential Beatle and contributed so much to the world of music, literature and art. In fact, one of his considerable contributions was to fashion. Even after almost 40 years since his death, we still associate round sunglasses with John’s genius and creativity.

Because of John Lennon’s activism in the 70s, round sunglasses have also become a symbol of peace. To this day, you’re still sure to spot a pair of round sunnies in the crowd when there are events, protests, and demonstrations. 

3. Marilyn Monroe

No one had sex appeal quite like Marilyn Monroe. The pinnacle of glamour, she’s best known for her dark, reflective wayfarer shades that she often wore with a fur coat. Marilyn Monroe could make anything iconic; Marilyn’s wayfarers in particular turned tarmac into fashion runways while she walked past paparazzi who were all too eager to take photos.

In many ways, Marilyn Monroe redefined what it meant to wear wayfarer sunglasses. Previously, only men wore them, but after her, wayfarers took on a glamour that is still attributed with feminine elegance and style. 

4. Audrey Hepburn

Cat-eye sunglasses have forever been immortalized in film as both playful and elegant. When Audrey Hepburn donned them as Holly Golightly, the whole world fell in love with cat-eye sunglasses. They became associated with Audrey’s charm and panache. 

Whenever cat-eye sunglasses are worn in film or on TV, the characters wearing them pay homage to Audrey by wearing a sleek black dress or a set of pearls. A very recent example is HBO’s Big Little Lies which featured an episode where the main characters threw an Audrey Hepburn-themed party. Take it from us–cat-eye shades were all the rage!

5. Twiggy

At a young age, Twiggy revolutionized the meaning of beauty as one of the 60’s iconic models. In an industry dominated by bombshells and hourglass figures, Twiggy’s signature style was androgyny and a pair of bumblebee shades.

She brought mod fashion to life through an emphasis on exaggeration which brought attention to patterns and playfulness that we still associate with bumblebee sunglasses to this day. 

Sunglasses can often be a status symbol of whether or not actors and artists have made it in their respective industry. When we look at famous icons, almost all of them wear a signature style–or, at the very least, a pair of sunglasses. Be it the finish, the silhouette, or the way that they’re worn, sunglasses have become an excellent way to add sass to any outfit that you put on. 

Whether it’s Tom Cruise and his aviators or Marilyn Monroe with her reflective wayfarers, we can be sure of one thing: sunglasses are fabulous fashion statements. Choosing the right pair for your personal style can complement your outfits and keep you looking like a Hollywood celebrity, no matter what. Take that first step and channel old Hollywood glamour the next time you shop on Great Southern Sunnies for the best classic sunglasses online. 

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