For $250 … Fan Sells Rainwater Collected During Taylor Swift’s Concert

International singer Taylor Swift has a large fan base that has always expressed her love and admiration for her. Over the years, the singer has had strange experiences with her fans, who have been described as “nerdy” to the point of their attachment to her.

In a strange and controversial incident, one of the artist’s fans sold packages containing drops of rain that fell at her concert in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

The fan offered three small bottles filled with pure rain water on the Facebook Marketplace under the name “Rain Goods from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour”.

The seller claimed he got it from the rain at Taylor Swift’s concert at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro .

Fan Sells Rainwater Collected During Taylor Swifts

The ” Page Six ” website indicated that the price of one bottle of this rain reached $250.

The audience interacted with this publication, and opinions were divided on this issue. A large part of the pioneers of the communication sites mocked the sale of the package and its price, while one of them described it as “holy water.”

And a number of followers expressed their dissatisfaction with what they described as a “fraud” incident, and said that those who will undoubtedly buy these packages are a bunch of “idiots” and “silly people.”


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