LeelineSourcing is a kind of one stop solution for various different types of sellers. Usually this service is useful for online sellers. They can find the best deals here and fulfil their stock without running here and there. The services offered by the FBA sourcing services are as follows.

We find the best supplier for you

The fba sourcing service in China is one stop solution not for just online retailers but online sellers. As the service is usually based in china, they are aware of all the renowned manufacturers and various different kind of products. Our main goal is that you get the best competitive price without compromising on the quality of the product. It would provide you feasibility and flexibility of choosing the product and quantity. It provides you much better features and its better than searching Alibaba for the various products. To contact the best Sourcing company in China directly, click here.

One on one Customer service

If you contact us we will provide you with one of our customer representative to provide you all the details as well as illustrate you about different products and their specification. Our customer representative is highly skilled in handling all the queries of the customers to provide you best experience. Our customer support executive is bound to provide you knowledge about product to his best of abilities. The representative will help you in the entire process from booking to shipping. We had provided support to thousands of online sellers. We will provide you consultation and advice to choose the best product which will definitely help you in boosting your business.

Brand Your Product

We don’t only provide you products but we provide complete solutions which include everything from packaging to shipping so you don’t have to worry about it. We are good in making you personalize according to your business requirements. We make product labels which will definitely help you in making your own brand. We are proficient in providing you well designed customized packaging which will be different from other competitive products available in the market. We also provide visually enhanced graphics in the packaging so that your product packaging looks more appealing. This will surely help you get higher sales by attracting customers and will definitely increase your profits.

Product Quality Inspection

We inspect all our product before packaging and shipping. This would be really beneficial and you don’t have to deal with faulty products and replacement problem. If still there are certain quality or other issues then we are ready to negotiate with suppliers on your behalf or facilitate the return of the product. We are very firm in resolving any issue which is faced by our customers.

Shipping to various sellers

We arrange the best shipping and delivery company to outsource your product from china to any place in the world. We take full responsibility of providing you complete logistics from our warehouse to your ware house. We also affix shipping labels so that your package reach to your destination.

Choosing us would definitely help you get ahead.

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