You need to know, that actually GBWhatsApp starts from official WhatsApp. It’s just that, GB WhatsApp Apk is a modified version of the official one. There are various features and differences that are found between the mod version and the official version. You will find out the complete types of GB WhatsApp along with the download link below

GB WhatsApp Official V9.1

The source of the various GB WhatsApp mod applications is the official version. Then the developers launched another version of the mod. There are 4 types of versions besides the official version, namely mini, pro, transparency, and iOS.

GB WhatsApp Mini 9.90

GBWhatsApp Mini is a mini version or a lite version of a modification to the WhatsApp instant message application. Then GB WhatsApp, which many people know about, launched a smaller version than before, namely this mini version.

GB WhatsApp features

  1. DND mode

In this mode, you can be given services not to receive various kinds of notifications from incoming messages. You will be comfortable because you can do things with focus, without the distraction of pop up notifications. In a simpler explanation, this mode works by disconnecting the internet network in the application.

  1. Anti Revoke

This feature offers you to still be able to read incoming messages that previously the sender undo the message. Of course this will be very fun. You will still be able to read the message, even if it has been pulled beforehand and the sender will certainly not know that you can read the message that was undone.

  1. Can Do Hide Blue Tick

Many people are looking for features in the mod version that are in this mini version. When the blue tick is a sign that the message has been sent by the recipient, and you can hide it. You can keep reading the message without having to hesitate not to rush to reply.

  1. Automatic Updates

The developers will continue to develop the application so that it is better than before. Since the mini version is not in the official store and is not downloaded there, you might think that you can’t update because of that. Take it easy, you don’t have to worry about that, you will still get automatic updates.

  1. Sending Large Files

Even though this application is the mini version, you will still be able to send files that are larger than the official version. You can still send files up to 1 Gb in size. Of course, this will not work in the official version.

  1. Hide Blue Tick on Groups and Status Now Online

Another advantage that the mini version offers is that it hides blue ticks in groups and online status. Then you don’t need to be afraid of friends or relatives in the group for not answering messages sent in the group. Members in the group won’t know you’ve read the message, so there’s no need to worry.

  1. Lock with a Password in Chat

The last advantage that is in the mini version is that it can lock messages using the password that you created. You can choose to use a password using a password, fingerprint, or pattern. You will feel safer and stay private when you leave or leave your cellphone with someone else.


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