Everyday living is challenging if biological systems not send right functions for every action. There are several systems available in our body. What is sciatica? As we know, it is the longest nerve in the spine. Commonly it causes due to the ruptured disc in our spine column.

Cushions between vertebral are named as discs. In spinal column, discs decrease the impact of movement. We can say you have herniated disc when the central portion of the disc got abnormal rupture. We feel severe sciatica pain the lower area by the irritation impact of the sciatic nerve.

The pain may also extend to back to legs. Sometimes you may get legs pain due to affected muscles and blood vessels. From a recent study from MedicineNet, we found that 73% of people can get recovery from sciatica without surgery.

Steven j Atlas is the regular contributor for harvard heath said that body has ability to manage the sciatica condition with right treatment. When the pain not decreases, the doctors discuss with the person for taking a surgery or an injection to maximize the condition.

Discs are placed between the bones of the spine. When the discs get too much pressure over time and the jelly like material inside the disc comes out and press the nerve in the spine area. This pressure starts to give pain to the person.

Due to modern day job style, people have to sit for longer time than earlier. So sciatica pain is common from age 27 to 50.

Get advises from expert doctor:

For any condition that gives pain to your body should take care under an expert doctor. Same goes for sciatica pain. Whenever you feel the pain at first time, visit the doctor and get your advises first. Don’t start home remedies without taking right direction from expert doctors.

For understand your condition, it won’t take much money. A simple X-ray can tell you the exact level of your condition. Sometimes, your doctor may advise to take MRI to give you right direction manage sciatica at early stage.

When you not treated, it will give heavy pain even you cough and sneeze. So kindly take right actions at right time. Therefore, the main point to remember is choosing right experts to manage your condition.

Bonus tip: Doctors always recommend start walking when the pain diminishes. It is very important because when you sit for long time or drive car for long journey and you will have high chance to get more pain.

Right steps start from here to minimize sciatica pain


  • Oral medications greatly help to manage sciatica pain. Commonly doctors advise to use pain killers like Advil and Aspirin.
  • You should know that aspirin should use for adults only. When you feel more muscle spasms and you have to take relevant prescription from your doctor.
  • 23% of time doctors may advise you to take steroid injection on the spinal nerve.
  • You should remember to follow the direction carefully to avoid pain in the future.
  • 10% of people recommend take acupuncture to manage the pain condition.
  • Very small percentage of people advises take surgery to cure the condition.


  • As we know the pain starts from buttocks to the legs. So we have to follow well working stretch exercises.
  • Cobra style stretch taking number 1 rank when compared to other exercises. How to do cobra stretch rightly? Lie down on the floor with your chest to the ground. Land your hands straight to the shoulders and stand using your hands. You can find the exact pose by doing a simple search on the Google and YouTube.
  • Hold the position for 20 seconds and repeat the process for 10 times in the morning or evening.
  • Don’t do any exercises after you take foods. You have to do them with empty stomach to get great results.
  •  From our recent research, we found that cobra pose helps to get relief from back injury any pain the spine area. It helps to strengthen the spine line.
  • Some other useful exercises are seated spinal twist, knees to chest and shoulder. You can find the exact pose need by visiting right certified health centre. To get the best working exercise advises connect with an expert physiotherapist.

This is the area for the people who love to see home remedies:

  • Hot and cold compress to your back and the areas you feel pain. When you feel the pain, you need to use cold compress several times for the first 2 days and then you can start using heat compress two times a day.
  • Use high quality towel when you use heat compress on your body.
  • Never give pressure to the body. Don’t lift weight objects and avoid too much sitting. If your job makes you to sit for long hours, you need to take several intervals to walk around your office.
  • Experts say that, when you sit for 45 minutes and 10 minutes of walking is must to decrease the pressure to your spines.
  • You need to take healthy diet to improve your condition. Some of the very powerful items to add for your diet are parsley, celery, small onions, pineapples, broccoli, black grapes with seeds and soybeans.
  • These above food items have healthy substance to work as anti-inflammatory to give great results in easing the sciatica pain.

Try all the above methods to minimize your sciatica pain. Also share us your current working methods for minimizing the sciatica pain.

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