Exhausted from the decking the halls? Worn out from corralling kids through busy Christmas markets? Absolutely drained from another long night at a cocktail soiree? The holidays can take a lot out of you, and that’s before you’re expected to hunt through the malls for that perfect gift. If you can’t find it within yourself to get and up go, you’re in luck! As long as you have a computer, phone, or tablet, you can search the web for the season’s must-haves without once leaving the couch.

Start your digital hunt for gifts with this guide. From practical deliveries to stylish accessories, there’s an easy and impressive gift waiting for everyone on your list.

Gift box memberships

Anyone who’s listened to a podcast is familiar with subscriptions. Whether you prefer to listen to American Life or My Brother, My Brother, and Me or something entirely different, you’ve probably skipped over ads for gift boxes or some other kind of online service.

It’s time to pay attention to what these podcasters are slinging. Subscriptions are an easy way to show the person on your list you care. As podcasts have grown, so have these subscriptions — making it easy to find a personalized service for your loved ones.

Gift box membershipsSome popular ones include:

  • Meal kit gift boxes, including Blue Apron, Graze, and Freshly. They deliver recipes and fresh ingredients to your door, so you don’t have to agonize over what’s for dinner ever again.
  • Tech-based gift boxes keep your geeky friend up to date with the latest gadgets, accessories, and more. You can find a list of the best ones here.
  • Fashion gift boxes deliver the hottest clothing and shoes to your door. Services like Frank and Oak, Stitch Fix, and Trunk Club assign a stylist to choose the best pieces for your look.

Personalized iPhone skins

Whether they indulged in the new iPhone XS Max or they still rock out with an iPhone 5, your loved one shares the same struggle as any other smartphone owner. Between all the tapping and swiping they do in a day, the glass or aluminum backing gets pretty grimy.

Personalized iPhone skinsTheir days of buffing out fingerprints and other smudges are over when you wrap up an iPhone skin this year. When made with 3M vinyl, a material used by companies like dbrand, iPhone skins are grime resistant and easy to clean, making smeared fingerprints a thing of the past.

They also come in a variety of designs that are constantly being updated. To find the best look for your loved ones’ iPhones, check out these new options in black matrix or black marble.

Streaming services

There’s never been a better time to be a couch potato. If someone on your list loves nothing more than rolling themselves in a blanket burrito and binge-watching the latest series, why not make their holiday with another streaming subscription? While most people have a Netflix account (or at least know a password to a Netflix account), few people diversify their streaming portfolio.

Streaming servicesYou can give them the gift of cross-platform accounts. Consider Apple TV, Amazon Video Prime, Google Play Movie & TV, or HBO as their next channel du jour. Or, if they’d rather stick their nose in a book than waste time in front of the boob tube, check out these online subscriptions for the latest audiobooks and e-books.

The holidays demand a lot of your time and energy. Between all the decorating, baking, and socializing, you may not have much of either left over to shop. But that’s okay. You can find simple gifts that take minimal time and effort to buy online. Compared to getting to the mall, finding a parking spot, and fighting desperate shoppers for limited supplies, it takes practically no energy to click “proceed to checkout”.

Although they take little effort, any gift taken from this will have a big impact this holiday. So what are you waiting for? Click open a new tab and start shopping.

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