The one-piece swimsuit is a versatile attire that has been in trend for around decades. One-pieces are incredibly comfortable and decent, which makes them a staple that will never go out of style. But classic and same solid colors and typical prints can seem boring as the majority of women at the beach go with the same style. Ishine365 understands your concern. If you’re looking for some unique one-piece options for your wardrobe that will stand out from the crowd, then this blog is the right place!

Get Over Major Retailers and Do Your Research!

Major retailers usually pick up on trends that have got widespread adoption already. Because it’s generally not profitable enough for them to try selling evolving trends. If you consider yourself a trendsetter who doesn’t want to end up wearing the same one-piece as the majority of others at the beach, then you need to ditch major retailers. So how do you find unique retailers? By doing extra research! Especially if you’re shopping online and do an internet search of designer one-piece swimwear, it’s obvious that your top results will be similar to others. Most people buy the pieces that immediately pop up on the screen. So, you don’t have to fall into that trap. It’s worth taking some extra time to scroll down and browse through some of the options which come later on the result page. In this way, you can find unique and cheaper stores that sell one-piece.

Boutique Shops instead of Big Brands

Big brands usually launch a few pieces which are quite expensive, and people surely buy these to satisfy their status-quo. But the truth is you’ll always find more options at boutique retailers rather than mainstream big-box stores. These boutiques are more creative and launch pieces and trends that hit the big brands a few years later. If you dig deeper in such shops, you can even find a better-quality designer one-piece. Moreover, the staff at such a boutique is more helpful and has enough knowledge about the emerging trends and popular current styles. You can have a worthy discussion with them, and they’ll help you pick up a one-piece that’s perfect for you. Doesn’t it sound worth all your efforts and money?

Add Adornments and Accessories

One-piece swimsuits steadily become more varied using embellishments such as cut-outs, embellished straps, and different patterns. You can achieve a much more unique look if you consider the types of adornments and features you want that work well with your body type. Accessories can also change the look of your one-piece. You can also boost your look by employing accessories like a matching headscarf or sarong, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, or footwear.

Some More Tips

To get a great look, ensure that you have a suit that matches your body type. For example, if you have a small bust, select a suit with embellishments on the bust. This will accentuate the area giving you a more balanced appearance. Avoid detailing and patterns around the waist or tummy if you want a slimming effect. Reviews and photos of others wearing a specific one-piece can give you a better idea of how well it may fit you and the quality you can expect; which is important if you are trying a new brand.

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