If you’re a first time parent, it can all be a bit overwhelming. With so much to do, so much to learn and so much to buy, it can be easy to overlook certain things. One that needs to go high up the list is getting a baby car seat. An absolute necessity – and a legal requirement – for taking your child for a drive, a baby car seat provides some additional protection in the unfortunate event of a collision.

To help you make the right choice for your little one, we’ve put together this short guide to buying a baby car seat at Mother’s Choice. Read on and know that whether you’re heading to the shops or off on a road-trip, your child is protected.

  1. Research the car seat personally: Every child is different. A seat that works great for one child and gives them the comfort and sense of protection they need may not do the same for yours. Take the time to research your options, taking note of recommended sizing and understanding the features that will most benefit your child. Also worth considering is not just if it fits your little one, but if it fits your car. Some car seats are simply massive, potentially cutting into a second seat’s worth of space. Consider whether your car could benefit from a more slim-line model.
  2. Never compromise on safety: All car seats sold in Australia must conform to strict minimum safety standards, providing a significant amount of protection to your child. Parents can shop with confidence, knowing that they’re getting a rigorously tested, certified safe restraint for their child regardless of price, as long as their chosen seat conforms with AS/NZS 1754. That said, certain manufacturers and models go further than this, introducing additional safety features that further guard against injury. Consider whether your child could benefit from these additional features.
  3. Something easy to wash and clean: There’s no way around this – children are messy. Long road trips are often the time when parents find out exactly how carsick their child gets, so choosing a seat with easy to remove, easy to clean fabric can be a lifesaver, cutting stress and prolonging the life of the unit.
  4. Convertible car seats:- If you want seats that grow with your child then consider a convertible car seat. Equipped with adjustable restraints and headrests, this type of seat can be utilized from when an infant is born up to roughly the age of four. Buying a convertible seat can make sense for many parents, but be aware that their specialist design means that they often lack the portability of 3-in-1 units that click into travel systems to function as a pram.

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Take care when choosing your seat and when on the road and know that you’re protecting your little on the way they deserve.

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