The pandemic is far from over and more and more people are still getting the virus around the world. Covid-19 is already present in 219 countries and there already 34 million cases of this. In less than a year, this virus has already caused over 1 million deaths.

People are becoming more concerned about their safety. Aside from this, they are also becoming more sensitive about spreading the illness and this is why if they feel like they have the reason to isolate or quarantine themselves, they do so. If you get exposed to anyone who caught the virus, you should self-isolate for 14 days even if you don’t have any symptoms.

It’s understandable that people hesitant about quarantining themselves. However, this is important and this could help isolate the virus. You don’t need to check in a hospital to quarantine yourself. You just really need to avoid physical contact with anybody for two weeks to make sure that you don’t spread it if in case you have it.

Now, self-isolation can be extremely boring because you will have to stay in one place or at home for around two weeks. Luckily for you, there are now many things that you can do without having to go out of your house or even your room. Here are the best things that you can do as you quarantine yourself at home.

Play games and bet online

The internet is a great place to entertain yourself. There are now many games that you can play even without a gaming console. You can even play real money games at home too.

If you’re a fan of sports, you can either play sports games like FIFA and UFC or place bets on your favorite sports events online. This is especially now that sports events are making a comeback. You just really need to check at least 5 best betting apps to shop around for the best odds.

It’s a great time to read books again

If you’ve been reading a lot back in the day and eventually didn’t have the time to do so, then this is something that you can finally do without anything else distracting you. You don’t even have to go outside to purchase books anymore. You can easily download ebooks and read non-stop.

Binge-watch the TV and movie shows you’ve been planning to

Ever have a TV series that you’ve been meaning to watch for a long time but just don’t have the time to? Well, you have two weeks to watch as much as you can. Luckily for you, there are now many streaming sites where you can enjoy movies and TV series like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO online.

Binge-watching TV shows while you’re in self-isolation shouldn’t make you feel bad at all as this is still better than going outside and possibly spreading the virus. You can even stay up the whole night just so you can finish a whole TV series without anyone judging you.

Find a new hobby

If you’ve always been an outgoing person, you shouldn’t feel too bummed to stay at home for two weeks. There are many activities that you can do outdoors and even in the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to go to the gym to have a great workout.

You can just log on to video streaming sites like YouTube and be bombarded by thousands of home workout videos that can be fun to try out. Whether you’re after cardio or HIIT, YouTube most likely has those for you.

However, if you do experience mild symptoms, it’s better to just rest and save the workout activities once you feel better. Look for other hobbies that won’t drain you out like writing or even taking care of plants.

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Socialize without physical contact

It’s now wrongful to think that self-isolation is lonely. Thanks to technology, you can still safely interact with your friends and loved ones even if you are in self-isolation. Imagine how things would have been if the pandemic took place before the internet. That would have been harder because it will be tough to keep in touch with other people.

Nowadays, you can just log on to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be in touch with your friends and even make new friends online. If you miss seeing your loved ones, you can easily video chat with them with platforms like Zoom or Facebook Messenger.

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