Podcasts have been a thing in the past year. There are many podcasts (including this one) that have been lucky enough to ride the first wave. It is insane how they grew in numbers now.

This Fantasy Football Podcast started as a hobby, like something a group of friends wanted to try out. The passion for football made it possible to record the episodes week after week. As luck would have it, it got traction and eventually took flight.

With the number of apps available for free, anyone can start their podcasts. Chances are that you might be already subscribed to one, or are thinking of starting one.

In this article, we are encouraging like-minded folks to start their podcasts since it is an excellent platform for passion in this.

Read the article below and see how simple it is to start your Fantasy Football Podcast.

Find a Place to Record

A place to record clear audio is imperative. You don’t want your audio to be full of unnecessary noises that can distract or make the person dislike you.

Space does not need to be a $1000 recording studio. A quiet and distraction-free room can work well. You can also do it during the wee hours of the morning.

You don’t need an expensive microphone and recording equipment. You can start by using your phone, as phones these days are capable of recording high-quality audio.

Find a Niche

You can’t have it all. Sports thrive on the competition, so pick your side.

But more importantly, make sure that you add value to the niche you pick. These can be interesting insights, your opinion, and even some controversies. Keep in mind that even if you dwell on these topics, your listener should get something from you that will make them love the game even more.

Gather Friends

Apart from that, making the podcast with friends will make it more bearable, if not more natural. For you, it can also keep you from having dead air.

Conversations are always interesting. If you’re talking about something that you are all passionate about, then you will have no problem coming up with topics for every episode. You might have heard that storytelling is king.

Since it’s your podcast, you must know well that you can pick whatever topics you want to talk about. Also, if you involve your friends, chances are, their family will also promote your podcast.

Be Candid

Don’t worry about what to talk about. Just throw a topic out there and let your co-hosts talk about their thoughts about it.

Remember to be spontaneous. It will make the conversation and scenarios even more interesting for you. And if that happens, it will also be interesting to your listeners.

Do It for Fun

Don’t think about the money. It is not your one-way ticket to stardom. That’s the truth. People are not looking for podcasts thinking they need to pay for it.

They’re looking for honest people that share their sentiments over a podcast. Stick to what’s genuine and what makes you feel happy. Then when people see your authenticity, they wouldn’t have a problem promoting you, as well as buying your merchandise. Podcasts are fun to listen to. But you may need to flex a few muscles to start one up. If you want to start one, the best step is the first step. Gather friends and just talk about fantasy football over a few drinks. Do you have your podcast? Share a link to it in the comments below.


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