If you are thinking of setting up into business field you should know that this is all about team effort i.e. only the person with a team of skilled workers and co-workers are able to take their business forward to achieve new heights. But it is not solely true that team effort matters. Even the efforts of a mentor matters in the building of a successful business. If you are not a good mentor and are not able to handle the team then you might not be able to guide your team to a successful platform.

People in a team always look their leader as their mentor who will guide them and help them at times of their needs. If you do not stand for them they will also not stand for you in your support. You need to know how to interact with your team and bring changes and extend your arms in their support. To become a better mentor you need to have knowledge about some basic principles on which the whole system depends. If you are able to follow on to them you will probably have greater chances of success.


You need to be aware of your skills at which you perform the best and lacks behind. At times you need to face the true weaknesses of yours rather than hide it because in the long run you might not be able to cope up with the upcoming obstacles with you hiding your weaknesses behind your strength.


At times you and your team might come across obstacles and it becomes difficult to handle them  because one wrong decision can affect the whole team and cause great loss to you and your company. At such times you need to be able to cope up with a quick solution with a solid plan as soon as possible and make a right decision thus tackling the whole situation.


You need to be equal with all. At times you might get emotionally attached to some of your workers and co-workers which will influence your work. If you treat all of them equally then only you will be able to maintain the decorum of your team and keep the working environment as a working environment only.


No worker loves to work with or for the person who is not capable of even being like them in skills. If you are hiring workers and co-workers then you should also keep in mind your abilities i.e. If you are also capable of doing what you are assigning.


Endurance is one of the key factor which makes you a perfect mentor. At times of crisis if you are not able to handle well the situation and are not calm at any loss incurred then you need to learn the chapter of endurance.

Thus by following the above general principles you can become the mentor like Robert Morton Toronto. Rob Morton Toronto is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.


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