Considering taking a solo trip abroad for the first time? For most people, it might seem daunting and overwhelming, yet others often describe their first solo adventure as a liberating and life-changing experience. The trip itself will serve you with lots of chances to grow, to reflect upon yourself and to fully indulge within boundless freedom. While traveling alone undeniably will bring you out of your comfort zone, it does have its own risks. Safety issues, culture shocks, and loneliness are a few among various reasons behind concerns against travelling alone. But of course there are certain practical things you can prepare to prevent or to ease those rough spots, which elaborated as follows:

Choose Your Travel Destination Wisely

Choose Your Travel Destination Wisely

Picking up a destination for your first solo trip is one of the first important steps to ensure the success of your journey’s expectation. Essentially it depends on your own preference but some aspects are worth to be considered carefully, like safety issues, local people’s hospitality, language barrier, and also the distance between your home country and the destination. I’ve compiled four countries to visit most ideal for lone travellers, as follows; Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia

Let Your Family Know Your Itinerary

Family Know Your Itinerary

Before leaving, make sure to give someone a copy of your itinerary so that they know where you’ll be going and the time you’ll be at that place. This way will give your relatives peace of mind by being aware of your whereabouts and it surely will be vital in a case of emergency.

Reserve Your Accommodation and Transportation in Advance

Reserve Your Accommodation

If you travel for a short period of time like 1-2 weeks, I highly recommend booking all the accommodations, transport and tourist attraction tickets in advance. By reserving the accommodations and itinerary tickets in advance, you will embark into a stress-free journey and more focus about being present during your trip. This also will allow you to enjoy the trip to the fullest.       

Pack Smart and Efficiently

Pack Smart and Efficiently

Travelling alone means that there will be nobody to be counted on to always help you carry your bag or care for your things during the time you need to go to the bathroom. Thus it is highly recommended to pack only what you need and as light as possible to ease yourself during the trip. Another tip for packing during travelling abroad is to never put all of your valuable things in one pocket or bag. It’s better to keep them safe and well-concealed in separate areas that are hard to reach by thiefs.

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Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Despite all the best prevention and well-thought plans, sometimes accidents still happen. Flight cancellation, valuable things get stolen, baggage lost, getting sick, injuring yourself, and many other terrible scenarios may occur during your solo trip but don’t let these things distract your inner peace or break your savings. Purchasing a travel Insurance will serve you a peace of mind as it is considered as financial security against the unexpected. Eventually, the insurance will cover your medical bill, reimburse you with a certain amount of money when you are facing flight cancellation, etc.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Additionally, if you’re a Singaporean and looking for the best value travel insurance and have a hard time on choosing the product, is the answer. HM Consultancy is an independent insurance agent which sells insurance products from multiple companies. Thus HM Consultancy will help you compare and find the insurance policies that suit your needs and budget . 

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