What are flight trackers all about?

Flight tracking services have recently become extremely popular with thousands of users worldwide, as they are utterly useful to those individuals who travel by air. Actually, these websites or mobile apps just not only indicate the current geographical location of the airplane, but they can give much more to their users. Traditionally, they inform about any potential changes in the timetable, provide data about the weather conditions that are actual for a particular plane, its height and speed, and other valuable facts. What is more important, tracking commercial flights was not available to passengers just several decades ago, so the emergence of these services on devices of average tourists has changed the entire commercial aviation for the better.

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What are the main benefits of choosing Flightradar24?

While the number of flight-tracking websites and apps keeps on rising each year, the first companies that stood near the roots of this idea are also trying to ensure ongoing improvement of their services in order to remain competitive. Being one of the first organizations in the flight-tracking industry, Flightradar has developed its unique approach to provide travelers with all necessary information about their respective flight. Firstly, this website uses a simple interactive map that shows the actual location of any civil airplane in the air right now. Website visitors and app users can just click on the aircraft to see the flight number and other relevant information about the aircraft.

website for tracking air flights

Secondly, the FlightRadar24 updates the information every 1-2 minutes with an aim to provide real-time statistics on each commercial aircraft on duty. This happens due to the fact that the service is using the information from multiple secondary surveillance radars as well as ADS-B technology. Every aircraft on its flight route each minute gets signals from radars set on Earth and sends back valuable data about the flight conditions. This data is immediately used by Flightradar24, so it updates the actual data about thousands of commercial flights worldwide. When the information about a particular flight does not come to the service due to some technical or other problems, these aircraft are colored in orange on the map.

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Thirdly, this flight tracker not only informs its users about the physical location of airplanes but it also has an extensive database. By using this database, the clients of Flightradar24 get an opportunity to read many useful facts about important airports worldwide. Also, the service allows users to track all the flights of a particular airline by choosing the necessary settings. While the website of this flight tracker with global coverage mainly targets active PC or laptop users, its easy-to-use mobile app has the same functionality and properties. Overall, the users are free to choose between website and application, but both variants serve for the same purpose of live flight tracking.


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