A former US intelligence official reveals evidence of alien space objects in the possession of the US government

A former US intelligence official reveals evidence of alien space objects

The British newspaper The Guardian said that a former intelligence official specializing in the analysis of unexplained anomalous phenomena urged the US government to reveal evidence of the presence of strange space objects in its possession.

The Guardian stated in a report that former US intelligence official David Grosh, who was leading the analysis of anomalous phenomena at the Pentagon, confirmed that the United States was in possession of vehicles of non-human origin.

And the report quoted the American news website The Debrief that Grosh said that information related to these vehicles was illegally withheld from Congress, indicating that when he handed over this confidential information to Congress, he was punished by government officials and left public service in April. The past after 14 years of working in the CIA.

According to the report, Jonathan Gray, who works as a US intelligence official at the National Center for Air and Space Intelligence (NASIC) and analyzes unexplained anomalies, confirmed to Debrev that there are “strange materials.”

The return of interest in unidentified space objects

According to The Guardian, there has been a surge in sightings and credible reports of unidentified space objects and ships in recent years. These reports have reignited interest in the possibility of alien visitations.

The Guardian mentioned that the Pentagon released a report on anomalous phenomena (a term now preferred by relevant agencies over Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs) in 2021. The report featured over 140 cases of such unexplained phenomena.

The Pentagon’s report came after military footage was leaked that showed seemingly inexplicable events in space, while Navy pilots testified that they had repeatedly encountered strange vehicles off the US coast.

Vehicles complete and intact

During the interview with DeBriff, Grosh stated that the US government and defense contractors have been taking parts of spacecraft that are not operated by humans, including some that are complete, intact, or partially intact, for several decades.

Grosh told DeBrev that the analysis determined that these objects are of “alien origin,” meaning that they are made by non-human intelligence, whether extraterrestrial or of unknown origin, adding that this assessment relies on the shapes of these compounds, materials science tests, unique atomic arrangements, and fingerprints. radiation that these objects possess.

Jonathan Gray corroborated Grouch’s account, adding that non-human intelligence is a real phenomenon, and noting that the United States is not alone in getting these things, yet a global solution remains elusive.


The Guardian said Debrief had spoken to several of Grosh’s former colleagues about his character. Carl E. Neal, a retired Army colonel, said Groch had a good reputation. In a 2022 performance review seen by Debrev, Grosh was described as “an officer with the strongest possible moral compass”.

Nick Pope, who spent the early 1990s investigating anomalies for the UK Ministry of Defense, said Groch and Gray’s account of the anomalies was “extremely important” because they were real insiders.

Pope added that when these people file these formal complaints, they do so with the understanding that if they knowingly made a false statement they would be liable to a heavy fine or imprisonment.

It’s interesting

He went on to say that he thinks it’s interesting when someone stands up to Congress and goes to the Intelligence Community Inspector General and files a complaint because there will be consequences if what they say turns out to be untrue.

Debrief reported that Grosh’s knowledge of non-human materials and compounds was based on extensive interviews with high-ranking intelligence officials, that he had informed Congress of the existence of a “UFO acquisition program” and that this program was taking place at various levels of activity and that he knew specific individuals, current and former, who work in this program.

The Guardian said that in June 2021, a report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence stated that from 2004 to 2021 there were 144 incidents of anomalies encountered by military pilots, 80 of which were captured using multiple sensors, and only one of the 144 was interpreted with “high confidence.” It was a big deflated balloon.

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