With the introduction of Arena Mode, K / D – the relationship between kills and deaths – has become an important resource in the game, as it decides the position of players in the ranking. In other competitive games, the fee is calculated from the average eliminations that a player achieves before being eliminated in a single match.

In Fortnite, the math is a little different: the game takes into account the number of games and the number of wins and eliminations.

Families around the world have heard their children beg to gain access to Fortnite by using best mouse for playing fortnite. This game attracts the interest of children between 8 and 12 years old as it has not been seen since the Pokémon Go fever.

The point is that this game was not developed for this age group. And in order to be able to decide better and have a very frank conversation with your child about what this game represents, we will leave  important tips about Fortnite.

Increase the number of wins

In Fortnite, the amount of “Royale Wins” is counted in the K / D calculation. Therefore, it is important that the player tries to increase his number of triumphs within the game. Battle Royale offers several ways to train construction and targeting, two important mechanics, especially at the end of matches

Fall in safe places

One of the ways to ensure longer survival in Battle Royale is to choose points to fall off the bus that is not much sought after by other players. To make a good decision, the player must observe the path that the bus will take and avoid areas in which it passes over. This way, it is easier to avoid conflicts right at the start of the match and, thus, have more peace of mind to form your arsenal and arrive prepared for battle.

Increase the number of eliminations

In Fortnite, K / D calculation, the number of eliminations also weighs in the final result formula. One of the tactics used by players is to get off the bus in places with a high concentration of players. That way, if the player gets a weapon fast, he is likely to find opponents who have not yet gotten good items and eliminate them easily.

Play solo  

Although Fortnite has three ranked match modes, it is recommended to focus on solo battles if you want to increase K / D. With that, the player can advance on an opponent without worrying about other team members nearby.

Age classification in game

All games are subject to the most appropriate age range classification. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Classification Committee) is the body that performs the age classification of digital games and applications. Several factors are taken into account when classifying a game. Want to learn more about Fortnite dedicated server? Click here.

Minimum age for Fortnite

Epic Games, which is the game’s developer, rated this game as appropriate for over 13 years old (Teen) as the game offers interaction between users and in-game purchases. And this classification is a rule to be followed between developer and user of the game always. If something happens to a child under the age indicated in the classification due to the use of the game, the developer is exempt from any responsibility.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a multiplatform game, meaning it can be played on your smartphone, computer or Xbox. It has two versions: the solo player version is Save the World and the solo version, doubles or teams is Battle Royale. The most liked version by the kids is multiplayers, in which players compete with up to 100 players online.

Is Fortnite violent then?

Yes. Although the versions have a different level of violence than other games, the idea is to kill opponents. As the graphic elements are in the “cartoon” style, the game does not present as much realism in the scenes. But there is violence and death.

Paid game

No, this game is paid for both access and purchase of game accessories (micro transactions). Although the game developer releases, from time to time, some forms of free access to the game it is originally a paid game.

Conclusion: Most insecure point of the game

Chats make the interaction very insecure. Microphones are open during the game, which means that all the ambient sound where the player is can be heard by other players. Besides, you never know who’s really on the other side of the game.

Study the map

The Fortnite map is extensive, with varied geography and structures ranging from small huts to aircraft hangars. If the player knows the points on the map well, it is possible to use hiding places to hide from an enemy or surprise him in little-known paths.

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