Whenever you have minor medical issues such as cold or flu symptoms, a strange rash, or sudden back pain, you will want to contact your family doctor as soon as possible. For a lot of health care problems, your doctor can provide you and your family with the right solutions. But, should you have a medical emergency, you must visit the emergency room immediately. The following are reasons you should have a family doctor like Dr. Kyle Scarborough.

They Can Treat Family Members of All Ages

Your family doctor can take care of the health needs of everyone in your family, from the youngest to the oldest ones. And because they treat a range of health conditions, they can be your loved one’s primary care doctor at any point in their lives. Over time, you will be able to build a lasting relationship with your doctor, allowing them to get to know each member of your family. 

They Have Knowledge of Your Family’s Medical History

If a family doctor has been treating you and your loved ones for many years, they get to know all of your medical histories. Because of this, they can make accurate diagnoses, prescribe the appropriate medications, and monitor any health changes through the years. Also, as your family doctor sees multiple generations of your family, they can record an accurate and detailed family health history. For instance, if your mother and another family member have cancer at a young age, this is a red flag. Your doctor may recommend genetic counseling and provide a screening plan for you and other members of the family at risk. 

They Can Do More Than Just Treating Common Health Issues

Although family doctors perform annual checkups, they can also help you and your family manage chronic conditions like arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Your doctor can treat acute issues like injuries and sinus infections. Also, they can assist with a loved one’s pregnancy. In fact, they can do minor surgical procedures like draining an abscess or freezing a wart. 

They Can Refer You to a Specialist

Should a member of your family need to see a specialist, your family doctor can refer them to one. Their years of experience in the medical field have allowed them to build relationships with health care specialists including cardiologists, physical therapists, oncologists, gynecologists, and others. This means that your family physician will not leave you in the dark if they cannot address a certain issue that you or your loved ones are suffering from.  


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