If you like to browse fashion blogs and other style-related magazines and websites, then you know that French style is one of the most revered, celebrated styles out there, so much that is now considered iconic. What’s great about this style is that it’s so elegant, yet so casual so pulling it off doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re looking to freshen up your style or give yourself a complete makeover, here are some lessons from French fashionistas that can help you look effortlessly chic in no time:

Ditch excessive makeup

French women may come across like they wake up and hop into the first outfit they see, but don’t get fooled: they like to spend time getting ready, it’s just they don’t like to talk about it a lot. The reason why they seem like they don’t spend time in front of the mirror is that they prefer bare-faced look opposed to wearing a lot of makeup every day. Instead, they invest time in their skincare routine and when applying makeup, they usually opt for some BB cream, a bit of concealer to cover blemishes, some mascara and blush. When it comes to evening occasions, then red lipstick is a must, of course. So, if you want to master the basics of French style, first you need to lay off excessive makeup so your skin would look fresh and glowy.

Make it look effortless

Many women make one big mistake: they take too much time and energy in order to achieve this effortless look, while in fact, it takes some practice in order to look like you haven’t been getting ready at all. So, if you want to achieve this nonchalant vibe, you should focus on owning only clothes that you genuinely like to wear. Therefore, you shouldn’t buy something just because it’s cheap or it looks like something you might wear one day. Instead, buy only things that you can envision wearing right away because over stuffing your closet will only make you more indecisive and prone to making fashion mistakes.

Stay away from comfort clothes

French style is all about elegance, so you should avoid wearing UGGs, leggings and hoodies unless you’re exercising or taking your dog for a morning walk. If you need to wear comfortable footwear, then opt for ballerina flats, chunkier heels and elegant sneakers. Similarly, wearing stretchier jeans and wide-leg trousers will provide you with enough comfort so you won’t have to wear leggings. One of the great aspects of French style is that you can incorporate wide and slightly casual clothes with more elegant pieces, so you don’t need to worry about your own comfort.

Invest in a few quality pieces

French women value quality over quantity, so if you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe, then it’s better to invest in a few long-lasting quality items than to spend money on everything that is on discount and looks good. Of course, if you stumble upon a leather bags promotion, then feel free to indulge yourself, since leather bags are often of much better quality. Same goes for purchasing footwear: always opt for leather shoes and boots, as they’re easier to take care of and look more expensive and stylish. Also, if you want to make your own footwear collection, make sure to have a pair for different occasion, so you’ll be able to get ready without panicking.

Keep it simple

One of the reasons why French women look so elegant is the fact that they prefer minimal makeup and jewellery. Instead of wearing too many bracelets, it’s better to opt for one or two stylish golden or silver ones that will add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Similarly, if you prefer to wear necklaces, you can opt for statement ones only if the rest of your outfits is simple and monochromatic. That way your accessories can take the centre stage, and complement your clothes in the right way without making you look like a mess. Also, if you prefer wearing designer clothes, it’s crucial to look as casual as possible because showing off designer logos is considered tacky among French fashionistas.

There’s no magic style advice that can turn you into a fashionista overnight. Instead of wishing to have someone else’s looks, try to build your own style and adjust it to your own needs. Use notable Frenchies as your inspiration, but don’t forget to keep true to yourself, because only then you’ll look authentic and truly stylish.


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