The French property is still fueling the battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt / Shutter Stock

The battle of American star Brad Pitt and his ex -wife Angelina Jolie continues to raise controversy, after the latter refused to hand over key documents as part of their battle over the French property they owned during their marriage .

Radar Online reported that the actors’ lawyers fought over the missing documents, which Pitt believes are with Jolie and her company, Novell.

In the details, Brad Pitt sued Angelina Jolie after she sold her stake last year in the $164 million winery. Pitt explained that he and Jolie bought the property and decided to turn it into a family business for their children.

Pitt asserted that he had spent a great amount of effort and resources in the company, while Jolie agreed she would not divest her stake without his permission.

After Pitt assaulted Jolie in 2016, the couple’s relationship deteriorated and Jolie voiced her personal objections to remaining involved with their wine-making project. Consequently, they decided to find a buyer for it together.

Brad Pitt and his ex -wife Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and his ex -wife Angelina Jolie

After a judgment was passed in the custody case, Jolie sold her stake to a company called Tenute del Mondo , owned indirectly, by a Russian oligarch named Yuri Sheffler.

Pitt said Scheffler attempted a hostile takeover of the company and demanded that the sale be void.

Angelina Jolie’s Nouvelle company filed a $250 million counterclaim against Pitt, accusing him of wasting millions on empty projects. Jolie personally described his claim as malicious and frivolous.

Radar reported that Pitt claimed Jolie had denied him the necessary paperwork and Novell’s refusal to comply only added insult to injury.

Last week, a hearing was held in the presence of Pitt and Jolie’s lawyers . The judge heard the argument that Nouvel did not provide the documents. He said he would hear arguments about not presenting Jolie at a later hearing.

The judge said that the responses received from Novell so far did not appear to be a legal complaint, and it was unclear whether the defendants were saying they would fully or partially comply .

 He continued, “When they talk about other parties who may be the ones who own the documents, they don’t name those parties as required.”

During the hearing, Pitt’s attorney told the judge: ” We feel like we’re having a big game here. What we’re looking for are the sales agreements between the Stoli Group and Ms. Jolie and her negotiating history in the first place . “