Things to Know Before Buying a Fuel Tank Trailer

If you want to buy a fuel tank trailer, you have to focus on numerous important factors instead of price only. It will help you to get the best value for your money. In this way, you can buy a durable tank within your budget. For your tank trailer business, you will need this guide to buy the best fuel tanker trailer. Here are some essential tips for your assistance.

Get Mechanical Drawings

Before purchasing a fuel tank, you can ask for mechanical drawings for perfect fitting. If a fuel tank is wrong, fitting this tank can be a nightmare. It may cost your money and time. Remember, it is more than hanging cans on the frame.

The ports must be line up, and the cap should be in the perfect place. Moreover, the length of the straps is also essential. If you want to check the right fittings, make sure to get mechanical drawings. Feel free to ask your supplier to email or fax the drawings. Spend some minutes with your measuring tape and compare designs. In this way, you can save time and money.

Thickness of Material

If you want your fuel tanker trailer to last for several years, you have to check the thickness of the material. In durability, material thickness plays an essential role. For maximum value and durability, you can consider Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale – TransTank International. Undoubtedly, the thickness of the material can increase the price of a fuel tank. Manufacturers often try to cut costs in terms of material. Make sure to get 14 gauge stainless steel, 12 gauge steel, and 1/8 inch aluminum.

Coating of Fuel Tanker

Salt in sear air near seaside waters and road salt can harm your fuel tank. For this reason, a special coating is necessary for the protection of your tanks from these elements. Remember, rust-resistant powder coat or enamel-based paint can protect your tanker from salt.

Focus on Weld Types

Welding is another factor that can impact the life of your fuel tanker. People often ignore this factor and failed to get the best tanker trailer. You have to determine the welding type on the flanges.

Stress and vibration transfer to the welds related to the flanges. You may notice trouble even after the expiry of the warranty period. Remember, every weld looks similar, but TIG welding is stronger than MIG welding.

The welds properly hold all pieces together and avoid leaks if correctly done. You can ask for a close-up picture of welds. Feel free to prefer a convex ¼ inch wide weld without porosity. It must have great penetration in the metal.

Pressure Tested Tanks

Before buying a fuel tank, you have the right to ask for leak testing. Moreover, you must ask about statistical process checking (SPC) or leak testing. A tank must feature 100 percent leak testing at five psi.

You surely do not want to get a tank with leaks and a pinhole. For this reason, talk about testing and quality with the manufacturer. If you need two tanks, buy them together from the same manufacturer.


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