Fundamental Tips For Skateboarding: Learn To Do It Like A Pro!


Skateboarding is a very interesting pastime if you know what you are doing. As such, aimlessly wheeling around cannot be considered to be a great experience. It can be very frustrating when you have to watch your friends perform all sorts of tricks while all you do is wheel around. Time is now that you learned the fundamental tips for skateboarding – the very things you must do to become a pro at what you do.

In this write-up, we are going to show you what you need to become a better skateboarder. As a caution, don’t expect overnight results. With consistent practice and focus, you should be able to know all about skateboarding. The following are the things you need to do:

Master the Basics

It will be impossible for you to ride a skateboard like a pro before mastering the basics. That would be tantamount to trying to run before you know how to walk. So, you must start by learning how to ride a skateboard. If you have just acquired a skateboard, learn how it behaves and feels as you ride, lean, curve, and so on. It is only after learning the basics that you can move on to becoming a pro skateboarder.

Master the Balancing Act

The hardest but most crucial skill to learn as a skateboarder is how to perfectly balance as you ride. And that will require a lot of patience as well as stringent practice. Since we believe you have the passion to learn, this should be very easy for you. As a beginner, you need to improve in the following steps:

  • Stance: There are two main types of stances you can take while riding a skateboard – the “regular” and “goofy” stance. The “regular” stance is when your body is oriented towards the right or the left foot is forward. For the “goofy” stance, the right foot will be placed forward. That means your body will be to the left.
  • Foot Placement: You cannot stand onto your skateboards anyhow. As you stand on the skateboard, your feet should be properly placed behind the bolts. As a beginner, this position will give you the perfect balance.
  • Leverage Your Weight: Your weight is the most important determinant of whether you will balance on the skateboard or not. Thus, your weight should be at the center of the board. Instead of concentrating weight into the heels, shift it to your toes. With that, you will remain stable as you move.

Get Inspiration from Videos and Other Resources

Most skills are best learned from the best. So, why don’t you find inspiration from videos showcasing the best skateboarding tricks? If you have been making mistakes when it comes to positioning, the videos will point you in the right direction. Watch the types of stances that the pros are using. You can go to any of the online video platforms such as YouTube for videos showcasing tricks by pros. They are filmed from different angles and can even be played in slow motion. If you don’t have a coach, these videos can take you a long way. You will be able to know how to position your feet, the best body posture, and so on.

Videos will be quite helpful, but you can’t also ignore the power of other comprehensive guides for beginner skateboarders. A good guide will outline step by step on how to skateboard and grow your skill to become a pro!

Learn to Ride Fakie

In skateboarding, the term “fakie” refers to riding the board backward. It doesn’t matter how well you can ride the board forward. As trivial as it may seem, but learning to ride fakie is the first step towards mastering the other tricks. If you have been riding for long, you must have heard about fakie big spins, fakie shovits, fakie ollies, and so on. All of these tricks are not possible without the fakie itself. Thus, a simple backward movement can expose you to a lot more tricks.

Don’t get surprised that it will be awkward at the beginning. However, keep going. The moment you master riding fakie is the time you will start becoming a pro. You will be able to carry out the tricks that require you to land the fakie.

Practice with Your Peers

One of the worst things you can do is to practice alone. So, join like-minded people at the nearest skate park. The support and mentorship you get from your friends will help you to make quick progress on your journey to becoming a pro. It is not about being competitive. Rather, you should observe your friends’ skills, talents, and ask any questions that you might have. You will realize that working together is the easiest way to improve your skills.

Visualize Yourself Mastering a Trick

Before you can truly master a new trick, you must learn to visualize it prior to trying it. This is important for those tricks you learn from videos and your friends. It is the perfect way of knowing how you will actualize a trick. When you get to the park, you will be comfortable enough to position yourself and start rolling away. One thing about visualization is that it removes obsession and second-guessing from the process of learning the trick. It gives you the confidence to take the plunge.

How Should You Behave While Practicing?

Learning the best skateboarding tricks is much more than mastering physical movements. It has everything about developing a strong mindset. You will have to do the following.

  • Stay Confident: It is impossible to try new things, including skateboarding tricks without confidence. As you practice the stunts, stop focusing on the possibility of failure. Rather, stay confident that you can learn the tricks.
  • Stay Positive: In order to become a skateboarding pro, you will have to exercise a lot of patience. Realize that it will take time. Getting frustrated when you fail or fall will not get you far. Remove negative thoughts, stay positive, and keep going.
  • Stay Charged: Skateboarding is a physical activity that involves learning more than tricks. You need to exercise and eat a healthy diet. With well-developed muscles, it will be easier for you to flex your body and learn the tricks. Also, you will avoid lethargy and muscle cramps.

If you stay the course, it is possible to master skateboarding tricks in an easy way. Remember, you should never be swayed by negativity as long as you know what you are doing. Don’t wait too long to start.


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