In the other corner: advocates of a cheaper box with high-end exclusive games that does just one thing, and may not do it for all that many years. Let us choose wisely. Both the PCs and console gamers have been trending ever since the 80s started. Gamers also like gaming and from how we see it, the trend is not going to come to an end anytime soon. In fact, there will be fans who will enjoy machines that are expensive and multipurpose and gives more options and customization options. To make the right decision for yourself, here are some options to try. 


PC gaming generally tends to be very expensive. You could instead get a pre-built system that is cheap within 500 dollars. However, it will also come with specs that are modern, updated and impressive at the same time. If you wish, you could try a video card that is the latest and new in the market. However, for this, you might have to spend a lot of cash. So be wise! The best processors, RAMs and gobs can cost a fortune. Overall, a good quality gaming PC for the console will be between 300 to 500 dollars. If you look at consoles, on the other hand, they might cost you a hundred dollars. A standard Xbox One or PS4 will cost you approximately 300 dollars. However, during sales, you can get them in 250 dollars max. 


Most trending consoles come with HDR color technology and brilliant resolutions. On the other hand, PC gamers have had similar types of options for many years with many more features such as ambient lighting, textures, etc. There is, of course, no two ways about this. A good and powerful PC will give you much better and clear graphics than a console would. A PC that is powerful could easily replace a console. So if you are going for graphics, PC would be your ultimate choice. 


Several games are built for the consoles first after which they are they are built for PCs. Consoles, after all, take up a bigger chunk of the gaming industry. However, the PC versions are these days launched on the same day as the consoles. Although there are some cases where this does not happen. Still, console exclusive games are no such real things. The best ones that are available and worth using at this point are Sony’s first titles. In contrast to that, PCs have much better access to indie game scenes that are much better. 


Personal computer and consoles let you enjoy multiplayer games. However, they don’t have the same functionality. Both the systems are different. For example, if couch co-op is what you like, you could count a gaming PC as well. Even though it is easily possible to find connectivity with many controllers and play a game or two, it can be a challenge and also troublesome. While the local co-ops are not always common as they were, it is always better to know that you could play Borderlands.

To conclude, the choice between console and PC all comes down to one thing. Consoles are much cheaper and easy to use. However, they are more limited as to what they can do. PCs have a much bigger game library. They also have more versatility and different options to choose from. It can also get a little tough to fix if something damages. 

Different Uses

If you want to pay a whole lot of money for a gizmo, it should come with a few perks. The Xbox One and PS4 are basically media machines that are competent. Either of the systems allows you to access many streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu along with many other DLNA servers or mobile devices or computers. Both the consoles have full features and internet browsers and have Blu-ray as well as DVD players. However, none of the systems can do justice in front of a PC. A good PC also has a good media streaming machine. It has a good apparatus for graphic design, is extremely productive and can provide you with as many features as you want. With many wireless peripherals coming up, you could also set it up in your living room. They don’t have any trade-offs when it comes to using a PC. In fact, they are much better and simple to use as compared to consoles. Consoles can be a great option in case you are not keen on spending a lot of money or if you don’t want to end up becoming your own tech support assistant. Consoles won’t offer you the best graphics. They don’t look that great. However, the best advantage you have with this is that you find yourself up all night using a controller driver.  


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