Gardening: Clever time-saving tips for the busy gardener


The beautiful, vibrant garden is a fantastic decoration for your home. Unfortunately, anyone who has to do gardening jobs can confirm that it’s hard and time-consuming work.

If you’re looking for ways to save some time, you’re in the right place! Below you can find the best time-saving tips, which will allow you to work less and chill more in your garden.


Watering is critical for having a vibrant and colorful garden. Plants need to drink a lot, that’s why you should provide them with water at least once per day. Of course, it also depends on other factors, such as plant type or climate. In some cases watering once per day might not be enough. And you know it very well – watering takes a lot of effort and is time-consuming.

In order to make your life easier, you might consider implementing an automatic irrigation system. It’ll save you tens of hours, especially during summer months. Initially, you will have to spend some time installing the system and set timers. But once you’ve done it, you will love the comfort which it provides.

Artificial Grass 

Grass maintenance can be problematic. You have to weed it and mow very often. Initially, you don’t mind it, but after a while, it becomes very troublesome. Is there any solution that would allow you to cut down the amount of time that you need for maintenance?

Luckily for you, it’s possible to replace the lawn with artificial grass. When time is a valuable thing for you, this grass type will allow you to save many hours. First of all, you don’t have to install it. Usually, professionals will do all the work for you. Also, you can forget about most of the maintenance difficulties.

According to the Easigrass, grass maintenance is still needed, because a weed, moss, and dirt will still build-up, however occasional leaves removal and brushing will allow you to keep it in perfect condition. 

Choose the right plants

One of the most common mistakes which people make is choosing the wrong type of plants. In fact, you should think of plant selection even before you start your garden project.

It’ll save you time in the future. If it’s possible, go for plants that are disease resistant, and require little watering and pruning.

Also, grow plants that have similar requirements close to each other. It could be one of the criteria for your garden upgrade. 

Tools essentials

There’s nothing worse than looking for a rake which you left in the corner last week. Unfortunately, in some magical way, it is not there anymore, and you’re already getting annoyed because it stops you from working.

That’s why you should organize a space where you’ll store all the tools – looking for them is always annoying, and it significantly increases the time that you need for garden jobs. 

Besides, make sure that the tools that you use are in good condition. When they are dull and broken, it makes you waste more time because you can’t efficiently do the job. In fact, dull tools can also be dangerous. That’s why you have to make sure that you always work with sharp and repaired tools. 

Hire a professional Tree Surgeon

Hiring a professional tree surgeon to prune trees in your back garden will be money well spent. A tree surgeon knows precisely where to cut without harming the tree and damaging your property. You will be surprised at how many people attempt to prune the trees in their back garden only to fall off ladders and injure themselves or cause damage to the tree or their property.

The advice given from the Wirral Tree Surgeon is only to attempt to prune your trees if you have the required knowledge and training to do the job safely. Not only is it safer for you to hire a tree surgeon, but it is a huge time saver!

Sacrificial plant

Let’s be real; you will never be able to fight with bugs and other pests successfully. They will invade your plants no matter what you do. It doesn’t mean you should give up, and let them have whatever they want, though. Of course not! 

A smart solution is to implement something known as a sacrificial plant. Normally you’d fight with every kind of pests in your garden, in order to kill them all. But, once you have a sacrificial plant, there is no need to do it anymore. Don’t fight with bugs; just let them have this one. Sacrificial crops are great because they attract most pests from all your garden. As a result, plants that you wanted to be bugs-free, can finally grow without any problems.

Make it simple

You know the best how much time you can spare on your garden. Of course, it’d be lovely to have a vibrant and beautiful garden, but time is the limit, and there’s no point in having more plants than you can handle. That’s why in the first place you should ask yourself a question – how much time can I spend on gardening jobs? Answering this question will help you determine how big your garden should be.

Garden maintenance can be very time consuming if you didn’t plan your actions. But when you use the tips from this article, you’ll notice how much time these simple solutions can save.

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