From lush green valley’s to vineyards to the iconic churches, Georgia is a place one should visit. It’s a gem between Europe and Asia that is worth-visiting to experience nature, and heritage and beauty.

Whether you are an avid horse rider, a cyclist, skier, rafter or a wanderer who simply want to gaze the beauty, the place will delight you.

Since it’s a birthplace of wine, you will get to taste different type of drinks. The city will please you from its amazing wineries. If you have plans to be in the city, here are five things you should not miss:


You can smell the aroma of rural nature and history of the Georgian food; it’s mouth-watering and quite diverse. Order Khinkali, the clone of dumplings with the stuffing of potato, cheese, beef, and mushrooms, if get the taste of one of the most famous dishes.

You can even try Khachapuri, a pizza like dough with the stuffing of cheese and toppings. Break the bread and get dipped in the molten swirl of tempting flavors.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy the fragrant meat stews dipped in the flavors of locals with a dash of tarragon and sour plums.

Nature, Garden, and Hills:

Nature is quite diverse in Georgia. If you are in the city from March to December, you should visit the Gibbs Garden. The artistically landscaped place surrounded by the lush green forest, waterfalls, bridges and spring-fed ponds will surely please you.

Moreover, there will be snow-capped peaks, Black Sea beaches, the yellow and bright orange trees and many more beautiful things to witness. You will be tempted with the artistic Stone Mountain Park.  Ride through a cable car or hike on the hill to be in the place.

Georgia Aquarium:

Georgia AquariumWith over 10 million gallons of salt and marine water and over hundred thousand aquatic animals, Georgia tours to the aquarium will take you on a trip to pure excitement and thrills. You will witness over 700 different species and many sea creatures. There will be Whale sharks and Beluga Whales to witness from outside.

Winery Tour:

Georgia is called as the birthplace of wine. Featuring so many varieties of grapes, you will get to taste the wine of different flavors. You can even bring them for your family as a gift. Try out Saperavi, the dark, dry red wine you would love gulping it.


Indulge yourself in the world of coca-cola. It’s a place that will give you immense pleasure, happiness, and wonder.  You will see 1200 different artifacts and will get to taste over 100 different beverages that will tempt your taste buds. Still thirsty! Go to Columbus and visit Pemberton House Former and witness the original vintage apothecary shop.

Visit Spa:

What’s more soothing than having a spa to rejuvenate your skin? Visit Abanotubani and be in one of the public or private bathhouses to have a relaxing day. You will get an exfoliating massage that too in a pool filled with sulfurous water which is good for the skin. Besides, sulfurous water also has benefits for treating asthma, rheumatism and many other diseases.

Take A Trip To Old Tbilisi

Take A Trip To Old TbilisiOld Tbilisi is the historical part of the Georgian capital. It’s a place that will allure you from its heritage and culture. You will witness historical buildings from 17th to 19th century, art decor and many other artistic things. There’s melancholy in the place that will give you a romantic feel. With so many amazing things and old stories, it’s quite impressive to explore the place.

Witness The Southern Hunting Plantation:

The Southwest of Georgia is known as Quail Hunting which is famous for hunting animals. Get in the horseback and hut across the six-thousand acre Pine Hill plantation in Donalsonville. The place features white-tailed deer, turkey, and boar.

Have A Trip To Savannah Tour:

Have A Trip To Savannah TourSavannah is popularly known for its charming squares and Spanish moss. Get a trolley or carriage or stride roads to have a glimpse of the beautiful place. At Savannah, you will witness art, architecture and delicious food that come from the coasts. Visit the Tiffani Taylor gallery, dine in the bus station, explore the historic churches, see the artwork and many more at Savannah.

Put Georgia in your list of places you will be visiting soon to experience nature, activities, history, art, wine and many more amazing things. Hire an adventure travel agency to witness the core city and its religion.

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