Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and joyous experiences in your life, but like most things, it doesn’t come without its own challenges. From fluid retention and varicose veins to extra pounds and stretch marks, endless symptoms plague us until our little bundle of joy finally arrives. And while most of them miraculously disappear after giving birth, the extra weight we gained seems to linger on. If you, like most moms, want to shed those extra pounds you’ve gained during pregnancy, here are some tips that will help you get back in shape:

Give your body time to recover

It’s not realistic or healthy to slim down right after pregnancy, and experts are strictly against diet programs or heavy exercise during the post-pregnancy period. Never rush things while your body is still in its healing stage, but rather give it enough time to recuperate and restore to its normal processes. This healing stage can take up to 12 weeks, or even more, and it’s very important to avoid cutting calories and having an intense workout routine to lose weight in this stage.

Be mindful of your diet

The best way to stay in shape after pregnancy is to eat a healthy diet and well-balanced meals filled with protein, carbohydrates and a little unsaturated fat. Aim to eat a variety of fruit, vegetables and whole grain products, while cutting back on sweets, salty snacks and large amounts of cheese and fat-marbled meats. This sensible approach to your dieting habits is the best way to permanently shed those extra pounds, and it helps you have optimal energy for taking care of your new baby.

Opt for breastfeeding

While it is a well-known fact that infants who breastfeed tend to be healthier than those who don’t, breastfeeding could also help you shed some extra pounds you might have gained during pregnancy. Since it can help you lose about 300-500 calories a day, it’s important to take in extra calories during your breastfeeding period, to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. However, that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want – the best way to keep your weight in control is to eat a nutritious diet every day.


Consider a cosmetic procedure

As a new mom, it’s often hard to find the time and the motivation to achieve your body goals gradually, which is why a lot of women opt for cosmetic procedures to get their bodies back into their pre-pregnancy state quickly and efficiently. For example, Australian moms often decide to give liposculpture in Perth a try, as it is one of the best procedures for shaping your body quickly, while still having great lasting results.

Do post-natal exercises

A good post-natal exercise routine can help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body faster. Post-natal exercises are usually very light and simple workouts, such as walking, water aerobics and light weight programs. Apart from helping you stay in shape, these exercises will also reduce back pain, leg cramps and constipation, while improving your mood, helping you sleep and helping you cope with various challenges of motherhood. From pelvic tilts and bridge exercises to pilates and yoga, good post-natal exercises will do your body a world of good in the long run.

Get plenty of sleep

Infants have different sleeping cycles than us, which makes them oblivious to differences between day and night – they will often doze off at unusual times and become fully awake in the middle of the night. Because of this, new moms often find it hard to get enough rest. However, not having proper sleep could upset your metabolism, making it much harder to get back in shape. If you don’t have someone to take turns with you caring for the baby while you sleep, you can try to sleep at the same time your baby is sleeping. Even if your baby wakes up for short intervals, idle resting is a great way to keep your energy high throughout the day.

Over time, with the help of a nutritious diet, light exercise and a professional treatment, your body will start to look and feel like it did before pregnancy, leaving you as fit and beautiful as you always were.

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