Coworkers can be incredibly frustrating to deal with at times. However, over time, you can also get very close to them and they can start to feel like a part of your family. If you have coworkers that you have become very close with over the years, then you need to know what to buy them for gifts during special occasions in their lives. 

Here at Paint Your Life, we know exactly what you should get your coworkers on special occasions: custom paintings that are hand-drawn by our artists! With the help of our artists, you can turn a photo into a breathtaking painting and give that painting as a gift to your coworker.

The way that it works is you choose the picture you want the artist to paint, you choose the artist, and then you send the photo to us. We will give the photo to the artist and then they will carefully create a painting or custom pencil portrait, making sure to capture every little detail. When the artist is done, we mail you the painting so that you can give it to your special coworker! The entire process only takes 1-2 weeks.

Chose a Picture from Work, or From Any Other Place 

As you can see from the painting above, paintings that are made from photos taken at the workplace can make for beautiful portrait paintings. In the painting above, A bunch of coworkers sit together all concentrating on solving a problem. Our artist did an excellent job capturing the spirit of teamwork and collaboration that occurs at this workspace

If you have a picture of your coworker at work, then our artists can capture it in a perfectly detailed painting too! There is a very special bond that is created between coworkers. We want to help you capture this bond in a visual display of beautiful artwork. 

So, you should scan through all of your work photos to see if you have any pictures that represent an important moment of your coworker or of your work team doing something significant together. Once you find the right picture, just choose an artist, and submit the picture to us. We will take care of the rest! 

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A Gift Your Coworker Will Truly Appreciate

People who get paintings from Paint Your LIfe as gifts tend to value them highly. This is because they are unique, emotional, and highly meaningful gifts. In fact, many people who receive paintings from Paint Your Life as gifts often cry or become very emotional when they receive the gift. They cannot believe the beauty and the detail of the paintings. So, expect to see an emotional reaction from your coworker when you give the painting to him or her. 

Another reason people love Paint Your Life paintings so much is because they can last for generations. So, when you give someone a Paint Your Life painting, you are not just giving them a special gift, you are giving them a piece of artwork that will most likely stay in their family forever.

Your coworker will most likely proudly display the painting on a wall in his or her home for a long time. People love to show off their Paint Your Life paintings to all of their friends and family members. Your coworker will too!

Perfect for Holidays, Birthdays, and Any other Occasion

Custom portrait paintings from Paint Your Life are the perfect gift for any occasion. No matter kind of special occasion your coworker might be experiencing – a birthday, going on sabbatical, having a child, etc., a portrait painting from Paint Your Life is the ideal gift for that person.

Paintings are perfect all year round. They do not go in and out of fashion with the seasons. Unlike gifts that only last for a short time, paintings can last forever. Our artists are all carefully chosen based on their ability to create masterpieces in a short amount of time. So, when you commission a painting from Paint Your Life, you can rest assured, knowing that a genuine artistic master is creating your painting.

When you receive your painting, you may be surprised at the incredible amount of detail that goes into the piece. In fact, our artists create paintings that are so realistic that many people at first think that they are enlarged photographs. But they aren’t!

So, if you find yourself stressed out about not knowing what to get your coworker for their big occasion, then why not try a painting from Paint Your Life? We already know that they will love it. You can see some reactions that other people have had to our paintings below.

A stunning gift for my head direct from on Vimeo.

If you need more proof, check out this review of Paint Your Life from Photo Work Out:

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